The Best Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

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It is not easy to come across content ideas, even the most experienced writers feel a block. One of the best ways is to let someone else be your inspiration. Check out a couple of blogs, have group brainstorming sessions or ask your readers to make some suggestions. Remember, content is the backbone of a website and it is the writers responsibility to get the heart and soul in the content even when they don’t have a clue.Writing is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. There are millions and millions of ideas floating around inside your head, but how do you funnel that down to something creative and compelling? From time to time, even veteran writers face a “writer’s block” but what helps them get past it?There are a lot of ways that work for different writers at different times, but really, the key is to be consistent with your writing practice.

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However, it always helps to mix things up a bit. Follow these three simple strategies to create compelling content when you don’t have a clue:

Borrow Others’ Ideas

1. Do some web surfing and amass together at least ten websites that are related to your writing topic. Go through these websites with a critical eye. Then go to your blog and post your opinions about these web sites. Be sure to mention what you like about them and what you think can be improved. Good writers are able to see both sides of the issue or an argument. This activity will help you develop a critical perspective.

2. Talk to your friends, family members, and colleagues about your topic. They may be able to offer you different viewpoints which you might have overlooked. Jot these down in your iPad, or notebook, and revisit them later. You might be able to use one or some of these ideas later, or it might just spark a new idea!

Follow a Formula

1. Write a review about a product, movie, book, website, or anything you feel is compelling enough to get you back on track again. This exercise will force you to consider different aspects about the topic. It will also help you stay focused on the topic itself. For instance, writers often complain that when they begin writing, they start on one particular topic and end up writing about something else. This exercise will help you to remain focused.

2. Fill an idea tree. On a blank piece of paper, draw a circle in the center, and write down your topic. Now draw another circle coming off of the topic and write down the first idea that pops into your head related to the original topic. This exercise will prompt your ideas to spill out onto paper and help you visualize the direction and content of your writing. At the end of this exercise, you will have a page full of circles and ideas!

Take a Break

1. When everything else fails, take a break. Listen to some music, read a book, go out for a walk or just pick up and do something entirely different in a different atmosphere.

2. Alternatively, take a passive break. Watch your favorite movies or sitcoms and don’t let your brain stop working. The characters and personalities you see on television and theater screens can prompt creative ideas about a topic in a different way. Most writers who use this technique experience a “eureka” moment, where a scene sparks a hot new idea.

In case even these ideas fail to inspire you then you must seek help from people who offer professional content writing services. They have a team of talented writers who are capable of making even the boring topics interesting. If you’re outsourcing your work to SEO copywriting services, make sure they are experienced and have knowledge of SEO and keyword research.

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