The Best Helpful Tools and Resources for Online Marketing

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Online marketing is all about how perfect the execution is. You need to have a well-sorted plan of action for a successful online marketing venture. It should be cost effective, time effective, organized, and hassle-free. You need to utilize the appropriate resources in your arsenal intelligently. Only then, you can come out as a winner. Before you actually start the action, have a steady subscription to one of the high-quality ISPs such as EarthLink Internet, and make a comprehensive research about online marketing tools.

Your marketing stack should include all different tools that you use for your marketing purposes. When it comes to persuasive marketing, everything from content to images, to emails, and to social media marketing matters.

1. Marketo

MarketoIt is one of the best online marketing resources, which you will come across. This marketing platform has won awards and has been an essential part of some of the most successful marketing stories. Here are the key features:

  1. Email marketing and campaign management
  2. Lead generation
  3. Mobile and web personalization
  4. Measuring and optimizing ROI
  5. Landing forms and pages
  6. Search marketing
  7. Website visitor tracking

2. Pardot

It is one of the highly trusted resources for online marketing offered by the sales force. It has intelligent features that essentially bring success to its users. Get acquainted with its key features mentioned below and take a good start.

  1. Real-time alerts for sales
  2. CRM integration
  3. Multi-channel, robust social marketing
  4. Form builders and landing pages
  5. Email marketing with branded templates
  6. Search connectors
  7. For landing page design, it offers intuitive WYSIWYG interface
  8. Connects all search campaigns on a single platform
  9. Segmentation wizard
  10. ROI reporting
  11. Lead scoring, nurturing, and grading tools


It is a great online marketing tool for integrated and efficient outbound communication. You get to operate the outbound marketing communication by using a single interface. Check out the key features of this tool below:

  1. Page views
  2. Attributes
  3. A/B testing
  4. Events and email activities
  5. Flexible segmentation
  6. Conversion tracking
  7. Customizable according to any data
  8. Rich customer profiles
  9. In-context conversations
  10. Sends targeted emails according to the user behavior

4. Eloqua

If you are looking for a result-driven online marketing resource, then look no further. Offered by Oracle, Eloqua is an efficient and super easy online marketing tool. It can boost the marketing campaigns effectively. Find the key features below:

  1. Event automation and management
  2. Creates campaigns
  3. Email marketing and multi-channel campaigns
  4. Campaign templates are customizable according to your marketing goals
  5. Landing forms and pages with innovative editing tools
  6. Automated email marketing, content marketing, and demand generation
  7. Sends automated welcome emails to all the contacts
  8. Conducts webinars

5. HubSpot

HubSpot needs no formal introductions. It is globally trusted when it comes to online marketing tools and resources. Following are the key features:

  1. Converts, tracks, and categorizes leads
  2. Provides contextual marketing experiences
  3. Provides an efficient Content management system to effectively streamline content creation
  4. Builds automated workflows according to your goals
  5. Uses real-time data

6. AdRoll

It is one of the finest online marketing tools, having around 25,000 users aboard. It is hailed globally for targeting and re-targeting prospective customers. Find the key features of this tool below.

  1. Cross-device
  2. Flexible segmentation
  3. Cross-platform targeting and retargeting
  4. Dynamic liquid ads for Twitter, Facebook, web, and mobile
  5. Transparent analytics
  6. Conversion reporting
  7. Expert optimization

7. Bremy

It is one of the top internet marketing resources and is widely popular for some amazing publishing solutions, superior, and high-quality marketing workflow. Following are the key characteristics:

  1. Advanced management of digital assets
  2. Populate templates
  3. Streamlines video-proofing supported with multi-user collaboration
  4. Point of sale (POS) and tickets within specifications
  5. Creates and manages your targeted email campaigns
  6. Streamlines publication creation as well as modification

8. Canterris

  1. Identifies the right sales leads
  2. Efficient website publishing tools
  3. Lead nurturing
  4. Creates and manages emails
  5. Optimizes your website content
  6. Newsletter campaigns
  7. Marketing analytics
  8. Has a growing library of different plugins, extensions, and modules.

9. OutMarket

The sister brand of the globally renowned I-contact, which is an email-marketing forum, OutMarket provides top class online marketing services. Find the key features below:

  1. Automates workflow and creates custom experiences
  2. Features a recommendation engine to find relevant stuff
  3. Campaign management
  4. Engaging content leads and scoring

For further research on the top online marketing tools, subscribe to a high-quality ISP. Consider subscribing to Xfinity internet with Xfinity TV packages to enjoy greater discounts.

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