The 5 Highest Paid Freelancing Jobs, Online

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Previously, it was individuals trying to take time out of their busy work schedules to engage into personal life activities. The trend is however changing lately, that too at a brisk pace. Freelancing saw its emergence since the early stages of recession, when traditional jobs was observed to no longer be secure, even if it was undertaken full-time.

Shaken by the tremors of recession, employees found solace in freelancing. While it was more of an air-bag at the earlier stages bringing stability to the “unstable” full-time jobs, it has become a choice, made purposefully and in full sanity, lately.

Freelancing has its own advantages that make it a preferred choice among its takers, like:

  • The opportunity to diversify skills and gain exposure in different fields.
  • Ability to make choices in terms of the projects wished to be worked upon, allowing for taking career ownerships in one’s own hands.
  • Flexibility of location and schedule

The kind of character freelancing has, it is able to offer a whole lot of opportunities for people from all walks of life like at-home parents, experienced retirees and displaced workers. Based on a research conducted by the Forbes, the most lucrative job areas to work as a freelancer are as under:

Freelancing Jobs List

Project Management

The major job roles involve coordinating strategies between companies and their clients, creating supporting plans and strategies and supervising project integration teams to ascertain project completions within stipulated time and budget. The incumbents also have to allot duties to team members and observe project development phases closely.

Designations offered: Process Analyst and Project Manager

Website Development

Job roles for this area range from providing development support for applications, creation of tools for websites, creating and testing systems along with imbibing the application into the software platform, managing servers and sites, working as a technical support closely and improving applications and architectures.

Designations offered: Web Applications Developer, Web Content Developer and junior Web Developer


The incumbents require creating articles on a variety of topics; ensuring spellings and grammar are in place, creating quick reference guides, manuals, learning documents, technical specifications and standardized operating procedures. They are also required to perform the necessary research for, write and even edit the document. They may have to generate content ideas as and when required too.

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:Designations offered: Copywriter, Content Manager, Blog Writer and Content Writer

Hire for Freelancing

Inspectors for Insurance Firms

The job involves gathering information (pictures and measurements) and creating reports thereon, identifying risk areas, conducting commercial inspections, making suggestions as and when required to combat the perceived risks, generate digital sketches, make calculations andconduct surveys.

Designations offered: Insurance Appraiser and Residential Insurance Inspector

Social Media

The job role entails creating, managing and updating various social media platforms, framing and implementing social, online and mobile strategies, publishing content on the platforms, generating engaging content for the social sites as well to attract traffic. You can register here for social media courses at

Designations offered: Community Manager and Social Media Coordinator

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