Social Media Training – Google+ Tip: How to Cross-Post Updates to Facebook, Twitter?

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How to Do Social Media Activities Almost all organizations and individuals have accounts present in different social media platforms. Because of this at times it is possible that you are posting the same content here and there. To handle this problem, here’s a tip; now cross post updates to various other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc from your Google+ account itself. The benefit if this feature is that managing posts on various platforms, which was earlier quite cumbersome to handle, has now become easier. Additionally, the possibility of similar posts being posted can also be taken care of. The only investment required is the time to setup the function. Follow the below mentioned guidelines for the setup.

Google Plus to Twitter Flitter

To Twitter from Google+:

  1. Log into your Twitter account. Open up the Manage Flitter option.
  2. Create an account on Manage Flitter.
  3. The “Turn on/off Google+ Sharing” button needs to be clicked on to enable it.
  4. Enter your Google+ URL on the tab that will open up asking for your G+ URL.
  5. If there are only selective posts that need to be posted on Twitter, click on the Advanced Settings, and choose the option “Only Share Google+ posts including the tag #twt”. If and when the service is not required or you opt to discontinue just click on the turn off option and you’re out!

To Facebook from Google+:

  1. Firstly, your Google+ RSS feed is required which can be obtained through four ways; namely, GPlussRSS, Yahoo Pipes or Plus Feeds. These ways involve using your Google+ credentials like your name or number, to provide you with the RSS feed which can then be used
  2. Paste the feed on the Facebook app RSS Graffitti then.
  3. Once the RSS Graffitti grants access, click on the “add new publishing plan”
  4. Enter your Google+ RSS feed as the Source and the Target can be set to a specific page where you would want to showcase the posts or they will be published on your profile page by default.
  5. Choose update type as per your preference. Selecting Standard update type is however recommended as it includes sharing, videos, audios and file.

There are other ways of cross posting as well. However the above mentioned ways are the easiest and require less time and effort. Cross posting can also be done on other platforms like WordPress and LinkedIn as well. Why Google+? Well Google + is the only platform among the others which supports this feature. Though the protocols are a little stiff when it comes to its flexibility in use, but it still offers something worthwhile. Try using it!

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