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Making money online until the last decade or so meant having your own website and employing a web designer or a marketing genius to sell your products on the internet. Not anymore. The emergence of a brand new generation of dotcoms has empowered people to get paid for their knowledge and skills from the comfort of their homes. A sustainable source of income can be raised today by using legitimate companies having dependable business models that allow you to get paid for a wide range of activities online. We present some of the most pragmatic options below, which can make earning from home via the internet a possibility.

Using freelance websites

When looking at some of the real and legitimate ways to earn from home, freelance websites are the first to come to your mind. One of the most trusted methods of making extra cash while sitting at home is undoubtedly selling your own words by becoming a freelance writer and the internet has changed the way people operate in this field now. Companies, websites, book publishers and many other businesses are looking for people who have a good command over the English language and can write on specific topics in a time-bound manner. Consider websites like wordplaycontent.com and contentcustoms.com where content writers can find opportunities that match their skill set and earn money on projects of their choice. Earning from home by using such platforms can provide a renewed boost to an individual’s resume by giving him a chance to sharpen his set of skills and learn some other things on the side.

In order to be a successful freelance writer there are several important things that must be kept in mind. The first thing that will attract prospective clients towards your work are the samples that you put up for their inspection. While coming up with the perfect samples, choose the areas you feel you can approach confidently, depending upon your expertise in those fields. If you feel the demand for certain topics is more than for others, be prepared to do an in-depth research on those topics to expand the purview of your knowledge. Although, it is true that you do not really need too many resources to work from home as a freelance writer, it goes without saying that a personal computer is essential. Whereas the type of computer you get does not matter much, what does matter is the internet connection speed on it. Clients who expect people to be reachable on Skype will also expect them to have fast internet access that make such communications feasible, so it is essential to have these things set up and ready to go before venturing any further. Compatibility of programs that you use for writing purposes is also vital because clients will usually expect you to write on widely used programs such as Microsoft Word and submit the documents according to their requests. Other tools that may be required are invoicing programs and book keeping systems to keep track of things and accomplish tasks in an organized manner.

Freelancing on the internet is not limited to content writing alone. You can also contemplate working for other websites such as oDesk.com and Elance.com that are continually looking for designers, creative illustrators and developers, who can come up with appealing graphics, visuals and software programming. While oDesk is considered best for technical developers, Elance is viewed as a slightly better option for creative professionals.

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Make Money Online

Earning through blogging

While most people blog without any conscious effort of making money from it, the fact is that making money through blogging is now easier than ever because they can be created quickly without any charge using online templates that are readily available. Once created and integrated with a Google AdSense account, a good blog can generate money for you every time a visitor clicks on the Google ad links. Adding an Amazon widget to your blog serves the same purpose because readers clicking on it and buying a product from Amazon will result in a commission for you. Obviously, a popular blog will attract and retain more traffic thus making more money for you. Pay-per-post advertising sites allow you to earn money in a similar manner when they assign you topics and pay you to write a relevant post on your blog about that topic.

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Utilize Apps on your Smartphone

Another innovative way of earning from the internet while you work from home (or somewhere else) is by using apps that reward you for doing simple tasks such as verifying traffic conditions in a particular place or clicking a picture of yourself using a certain product. Rewardable, which is free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is one such app that assigns you tasks such as visiting a supermarket to check out certain products and answering a few questions about it after careful assessment. Similarly, an Android app called Locket has made earning via your Smartphone even easier because it places ads on your lock screen and pays you for each time you unlock your phone. Even though the payouts are small, it is worth remembering that using this app does not actually require you to do any real work. A few more apps that pay you in a similar manner are Gigwalk, Shopkick and Juno Wallet.

Participate in Market Research

Market research companies are constantly looking for people who can spend a few minutes each day to participate in online surveys and provide an insight into product perception among the public. These surveys could also be about services that require evaluation and approval from the public and they compensate people working online for them in the form of cash, reward points and prizes.

Sell your Talent

If you have any special talents that enable you to create something of value while you sit at home, you can find platforms that help you sell your talents. If you have a knack for photography and a decent camera, you could sell your photographs to Microstock agencies and earn while you sit at home or even while you are travelling and enjoying a vacation. Sites such as Fotolia.com and Shutterstock.com are always looking for visual content specific to their needs and pay handsomely by the way of a commission when a buyer purchases these photographs from them. Likewise, there are several websites, which can compensate you for making sketches, drawings and illustrations for others.

Teach Language Classes

If you are a good speaker with an ability to converse fluently in the English language (or other languages with a demand for teachers), another avenue that can open up channels of earning from home is teaching these languages online by means of conducting and streaming classes to the prospective students. Websites like Italki.com can provide the necessary platform for a virtual classroom and anyone can offer lessons via the internet to people who are ready to pay for such classes. Because English speakers are in high demand across the world today, earning from home for freelance English teachers has become easier and much more practical now.

Sell your Services

There are also some websites like Fiverr.com, which allows individuals to sell their services for a fixed fee of $5. Services sought can include taking a picture of yourself holding a sign or recording an audio or video clip singing a certain song. Even though these ideas may seem crazy and appear to lack any creative freedom, it is without doubt a fun way to make money from home. Another website that allows people to earn money online by offering services in return is Zaarly.com. Random services such as being a virtual personal assistant for a day are the basis of this website and it helps to connect people who offer and seek such services. If you have a car that you are not using currently or do not plan to use for a certain time, websites like RelayRides.com can allow you to lend or rent your car to people for a fixed amount per hour.

Most people think of work as something that just has to be in an office-like environment, but the radical changes that the internet has brought with its emergence has redefined the way people think about working from home and earning a good income by grabbing the opportunities at hand. Freshers interested in working and earning from home via the internet now realize that they have the ability to take things in their own hands.

You can learn SEO, Social Media and pay per click training or adwords course for start earning as a freelancer.

In the interest of objectivity, it is only fair to say that due diligence has been observed while presenting the above-mentioned means of working and earning from home. However, it is an impartial appeal to the readers that they be candid about their own personal views and opinions on this subject and share with us anything that we may have missed or inadvertently ignored.

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