How to Utilize LinkedIn For Your Business

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LinkedIn, as a network, is largely viewed more as a professional network as opposed to a social network. When one talks about social media optimization, the usual suspects include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, and Linkedin for some reason does not get enough prominence. That being said, LinkedIn is an extremely important tool that can be utilized and leveraged by businesses for their online reputation management and to enhance their credibility.In LinkedIn’s own words, the platform can be used as a ‘Social Selling Business Card’ and a tool to divert more traffic to ones website. The web world being as dominant and dynamic as it is, has taken over the way people do things. People rely greatly on the information that they can find online and even when it comes to getting an idea about a business, everything from their history to the product and services that they provide, to reputation and feedback, the web is the first go-to place.

Keeping that in mind, the LinkedIn page for a business can be a great platform that can supplement the website or even provide a quick read through of what they are about in a nutshell. An interesting and informative profile can encourage visitors to further check out the website and take things forward from there.

LinkedIn, often termed as the social network for professionals provides great benefits when it come to B2B sales and B2B marketing.Here are a few steps that a business can take in order to benefit from their LinkedIn profile:

Create a personalized campaign based on what the niche of your business is. You could start with posting a question that’s interesting and interactive. The idea is to increase visibility and having the answers to the question will give you readymade content that you can post and use as base to develop more interaction.

Try to gather as many leads as possible. To get people interested in your business, you need to offer them something. Things like free demos, consultation etc help to generate leads and if you deliver well on these there is also the potential of garnering recommendations that further add to credibility.

Think Differently. Exploit the potential of promoting other social media communities via your page. By using the rotating banner images feature, integrate your own presence and visibility with that of other popular channels and reap the benefits.

Make your page attractive, engaging, informative and captivating. Visual appeal goes a long way in influencing a visitor and this cannot be undermined. Add images and banners that are clear and crisp.

Linkedin has a lot of potential and when used correctly can really boost the promotion campaign. The idea is to identify, strategize and implement campaigns correctly and consistently in order to get maximum benefit.

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