How to Use Amazon S3 for Hosting Your Website

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Almost all web-hosting companies charge a fixed monthly rental in return of finite amount of storage space for hosting web pages and images. It really doesn’t matter whether you host a ten page simple website or elaborate product catalogue that has hundreds of pages. The amount that you are expected to pay is the same.Also there is a limit to the bandwidth or amount of traffic that the site can receive every month. If you happen to exceed that limit, the service provider might suspend the site or force you to upgrade to a better plan.Here is where Amazon S3 wins over the web hosting service providers. Amazon S3 has a ‘pay for what you use’ plan, where users pay for the used bandwidth and storage on monthly basis. The Amazon S3 assures monthly uptime of 99.9%, which most hosting companies fail to offer.  Another advantage is that hosting the site is as easy and hassle free like uploading the files on FTP server. To make this process easier, here is step-by-step guide on how to use Amazon S3 for hosting your HTML website given by Website Development Company:

1. Log in to Amazon S3 console, assuming that you have an account.

2. Create a bucket and name it exactly as your site. For example, if you plan to host a site by, create S3 bucket with exactly same name. Bucket name must confirm with the DNS requirements.

3. Select the bucket and click Upload button to start uploading the web pages, CSS, images and other static files.

4. Click ‘Set Permissions’ and select ‘Make Everything Public’ and begin with the process of upload.

5. Click Buckets and select Edit Website Configuration. A Website Configuration Dialog box open.

6. Choose Enable Static website hosting for

7. Specify Index document and Error documents. Save index.html as your Index document. This document will return the requests made to the root of the website or sub-directory.

8. Click OK and save the changes made.

9. The site has a confusing web address and looks like But people must be able to find the site at Therefore, it is important to map the address of Amazon bucket to the domain name. Log in the domain hosting services account and create CNAME Record. Set the CNAME value same as that of the Endpoint provided by Amazon S3.

10. Save the changes made.

Note: Generally, it takes times to propagate the DNS changes across the web. Once it is done, the website can be easily accessed.

But in case you wish to host the WordPress, above steps will not yield results. Follow the below mentioned steps to host WordPress blogs and sites:

1. Open Web Hosting CPanel and select ‘Manage DNS Sever Settings’. Create new entry and name it. Below type, select CNAME and in value box, enter,’. This points the web hosting to the Amazon S3 storage.

2. Visit WordPress admin and click on Plugins. In the Window, select Install Plugins. Download Amazon S3 for WordPress and install. Once it is installed Activate the Plugin.

3. Select the plugging settings of Amazon S3 for WordPress. Enter the secret key and AWS Access Key ID provided by Amazon S3.

4. Choose the bucket the files are to be pulled from in ‘Use This Bucket” menu. Drop all the files that are needed for WordPress blog.

If you are not confident about the process, you can take assistance from Professional Website Development companies. They will help you develop a seamless website and host it with Amazon S3.

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