How to Make Google Your Best Friend – SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Learn Google SEO Friendly TipsYou have an eCommerce store but it is not yielding profits? Thinking why? The answer is simple, if people cannot find you, where will the revenue come from. Ranking higher than your competitors is necessary. It is understood that you’re missing out on sales and revenues if the traffic footfalls are lesser.

If you are looking out for useful tactics to improve the visibility and traffic of your eCommerce site, here are some crucial SEO tips for entrepreneurs straight from SEO Institute:

  1. Do not rely on PPC alone: Many eCommerce entrepreneurs fall back on PPC strategy alone for visibility. However, remember with time the PPC cost continues to increase and once you stop paying for advertisements, your online presence is affected. Thus, it is very important to implement organic SEO practices like information rich content, human-friendly URLs and rich media simultaneously to maintain ranking. Too much of a tall order? Don’t sweat it. Consider hiring employees with SEO training under their belt to provide the support you’ll need.
  2. Say no to duplicate content: Most eCommerce stores are penalized because they have duplicate content in terms of product descriptions and lists. As a best practice, never use the product description given on the manufacturer’s site. One of the best ways is to use the rel=”canonical” tag to avoid duplication problem.
  3. Audience centric content strategy: It is very important to be geared with a content strategy that is focused on targeted audience. Establish your users and create concrete content that will interest them. To engage your audience offer interesting content like contest, e-book or webinar on all major social media platforms.
  4. Carefully optimize product images: Recently image search has become very important and many users rely on it to find products. Thus, eCommerce websites should focus on image optimization. Use vibrant and specific descriptions, optimize the ALT tags, strategize the product angles and image dimensions and handle the thumbnails carefully. Also , test the number of product images per page as loading time is a major issue.
  5. Make use of anchor text: Anchor text sparingly as if you over use this strategy, Google will be suspicious. Place the internal links naturally. Never add too many links with the same anchor text as Google tracks the anchor text for inbound links.
  6. Structure the store: The structure of the store also affects the SEO. Make sure there are number of landing pages that are brand or product specific. This will give you a chance to optimize multiple pages and keyword groups to increase the visibility of the site.

If you have used any other techniques, you would like to share, feel free to give us a shout. We look forward to hearing from you!

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