How Do Brands Use YouTube For Marketing?

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As most webmasters or agencies providing SEO marketing services will be aware, a recent study by Pixability has revealed how the top 100 global brands are using video marketing via Youtube and other channels to drive their online marketing efforts and gain maximum positive results.

Based on the comprehensive finding by Pixability, for which they went through a long drawn and carefully generated process of evaluating a number of brand channels based on definitive criterion, the results have indicated and proven yet again, that there is a certain pattern and process that can be used and followed as a guide in order to achieve success on YouTube.

So what are these guidelines? What are these brands doing that give them better results as opposed to others that are left somewhere in the lurch? The answers, are in the tips below:

Consistent posting is the key: How often have we heard that now? Not often enough for those who are still not doing it. One of the most important best practices for consistent results is consistent posting. On an average most successful brands almost fifty percent more videos and publish approximately 78 videos a month. This figure goes up to almost 500 videos a month for media brands.

Focus fully on YouTube SEO: The successful channels paid a lot of attention to how optimization for YouTube works as well as in trying to understand the actual architecture. As the 2nd ranked search engine, the key to being a YouTube success is being able to be discovered. Maintain a higher number of playlists and video tags in order to be seen.

More is not always better: When targeting SMO activity on YouTube, try and stay away from the overproduction trap. Even if you focus on videos that don’t always go viral but target a specific audience and offer a broad range, you’ll still be on the right track.

Numbers are important for content not channels: Focus more on posting consistently on existing channels as opposed to having too many channels and not posting enough. Identify your audience and get new stuff out there for them on a regular basis.

Brand Intelligently: Put your brand name wherever relevant but also maintain a balance. Do not over promote but at the same time an appropriate level of branding within content is important. Also, use metadata like your title, tags and descriptions to achieve these goals.

Combine social media platforms: Engaging the community by marrying the social media platform is another best practice. Social sharing of videos, rather producing video content that has high is sharable is something to focus on.

Following these guidelines can be the first step towards getting it right when it comes to video marketing via YouTube. It’s the need of the hour and imperative to an overall successful digital marketing campaign.

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