Going Back to SEO Basics to Increase Conversions

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 Going Back to SEO Basics to Increase ConversionsAre you struggling to increase conversions and  you’ve tried all the latest techniques? If nothings worked yet, have you thought about visiting the old SEO techniques? Yes, you read it right! Going back to SEO basics to increase conversions can actually help you gain traction by almost 50%. Each of the below mentioned SEO basics can be optimized to add to the conversion rate:

  1. Meta Description: When was the last time you care to check the meta description? This is an important technique but often overlooked in today’s time. A good meta description should be around 150-160 characters so that it is visible. Your description will catch the attention of the readers only if it contains the keyword for which search is made, so make it keyword rich. Remember, to give each page a unique meta description for SEO purposes.
  2. Calls to Action: Check if you have a call-to-action in your meta description. As a best practice, save at least 50 characters for your call to action. Some of the calls-to-action that instill trust and make potential customers click on the organic results are ‘Price Match Guarantee’, ‘Find Out More’, ‘No Hassle Exchanges’, ‘Download Now’ and ‘Read more about’. Improved call-to-action results in 20% increased conversions.
  3. Reward: You cannot expect the visitors to follow the call to action and give away personal information like a name, phone number or email address until  there is something lucrative in it for them. People like to be rewarded for their efforts and you can offer things like a free e-book, free e-course, webinars, newsletters, coupon codes, a trial version or free initial consultation. The reward must be something that will help the visitors move closer to conversion. The reward you offer must help you with establishing a personal relationship with the visitors and improve the chances of converting the prospects into actual customer.
  4. Headline: As a best practice ensure that the headline of the landing page matches the great pitch used to induce the prospects click on the ad. Make the headline stand out on the page to reassure prospects that they have landed on the right page. Wording in an ad must be catchy and creative to get people to click on it and the headline should be simple and direct.
  5. Minimal fields: Most website owners make a common mistake that they ask for a lot of information in the lead capture form. Most of the times, requesting their name and e-mail address is sufficient. Extra details is needed at times, but try to limit it. You wont want to miss out on good potentials because the lead capture form is too long.

These four SEO basics taught by the SEO Institute, amongst other insights are sure to result in improved conversions and winning the trust of the users. At the SEO Training Institute, trainers make sure that equal weightage is assigned to old school SEO practices with the latest ones to ensure sure-shot results.

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