Crucial Factors for SEO Success in 2013

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2013 was a rough patch for SEO experts because of radical changes in Google’s algorithm including the Panda & Penguin updates. While inbound links and content quality still continue to rule the organic ranking scenario, significant changes have been made. In the increasing competition it is important to employ strategic practices in pragmatic approach to reach the top of the search engine ranking page.Crucial factors for SEO success in 2013 as per SEO Institute focus on creating the value for readers. Read below to know more about them:

1. On-page SEO: To get SEO success it is very important to keep a track of latest SEO trends and Penguin. Focused users  must ensure that below mentioned factors are used to influence search engine ranking:

I. Page title: This is the first attribute that shows up in the search results for the website. Make sure it is unique for every page. Two things to remember are that you must focus on two keywords and it should be maximum of 70 characters.

II. Meta description: It is an actual sentence that describes the topic to both the users and search engines. A good description contains maximum of 160 characters and must focus on two keywords.

III. Meta Keywords: These are unique keywords assigned to particular page of the website. These words must be included in the website content. Here is one little tip, include maximum of five words without spaces.

IV. ALT text: It provides an alternative text to an image when the mage can’ be displayed. It is important to place ALT text on every page and match the primary keywords of destination.

2. Keyword research and analysis: The most crucial part in online marketing and SEO is to do keyword research and analysis. To make this tedious task simple, just follow these simple steps:

I. Ask yourself: It is very important to ask is the keyword really relevant to the content. Will the searchers be able to find what they are really looking for? Will these keywords result in financial rewards?

II. Search for keyword terms or phrases in major engines: It is very important to understand which websites are already ranked for the keywords give you a valuable insight into the competition and also how difficult it is to rank them for the given terms. You also need to find out if there are PPC campaigns running for the keywords.

III. Long-tail keywords: With changing trends you must realize that long tail keywords convert better as they are able to attract searchers in the conversion cycle. Including long-tail keywords like, ‘best price on Acer laptop” are people who have their wallet out already.

3. Content: Google has very explicitly announced that good quality content is the key to website ranking. Content quality refers to the uniqueness and resourcefulness of the information. The web rate on search engines depend basically on the content on the web or blog. The original and creative the content, the higher is the Google rate.

The above are some of the crucial SEO trends that play a key role in SEO for 2013.

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