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Local Businesses Don’t Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing

Local Businesses Don't Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing

With all the changes happening in the digital marketing industry, the one constant that has emerged is that SEO is all about content marketing. It is important to create, publish and promote content that will naturally attract new links rather than using backlinks. The plan sounds simple and easy on paper, but we’ve seen late adopters in the market hesitate because of the lack the necessary resources (budget, people, and time) to produce quality content to push through the right channels.

But industry experts have now proven that local businesses don’t need big budgets for their content marketing. They believe that almost every aspect of business can be turned into usable content especially if content isn’t seen merely as an image, article, blog or web page text. In reality if seen carefully all the below mentioned business aspects can turn into story ideas for potential content:

  1. Business staff
  2. Shop or office design or interiors
  3. Products and services offered
  4. Menu or product catalog
  5. Company values
  6. Customers and client testimonials

Really, you’re only limited by your imagination, but you don’t have to look too far away from your brand to find the stories that people will connect with.

Confused? Keep reading!

  1. Client Testimonials: Almost all businesses aim to deliver high customer satisfaction and if this goal is achieved, half of the battle is won. Your client servicing can actually set you apart from your competitors and can make people talk about you, and if you’ve got strong and positive reviews from your market, make sure you tap into that source.
  2. Your immediate work space: Take a look around the place you work at. See anything fun or unique about the environment? The team interaction? Special events or landmarks or even mini-celebrations that happen? All of that is real content for you to tap into and develop.
  3. Products or services offered: This is a landmine of content just waiting to happen. Your products and services can be used as creative content for your business. You need not have a unique product or offer unique services, but you need to make them stand out in the crowd. The most reliable way is to package and present them with great creativity.
  4. Menu or product catalog: There is a huge possibility of going creative with the menu or product catalog. For instance, if you have the budget for it, you can replace your menu cards or product catalogs with iPads to make the experience a lot more engaging and interactive for the people who walk in.
  5. Company values: The vision, mission and values says a great deal about your brand. Slogans do the half of the work for big brands but small businesses can thrive on company values by partnering up with higher welfare institutions and suppliers. This will contribute towards positive PR around the business especially within local publications.
  6. Client Interaction: There is no doubt that client interaction offers opportunities to create content, especially for local businesses that operate out of retail storefronts. Your repeat clientele is bound to talk, post or tweet about your business and helps in running a successful campaign especially if they’ve had a pleasant experience. The obvious payoff is when they write positive things about the business as a blogger the business gets an honest review and a link back to the website.

Small businesses must realize that content is not merely articles or infographics but each and every aspect of your business. Small businesses must also realize that they must make efforts to fully utilize SEO, social media and content marketing together to achieve effective results. Think in terms of giving your clients a great experience – everything else is just a great byproduct that help you grow too.
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Best Ways to Build an Audience Through Trust

As a writer you know that your content is good and with experience you have mastered the art of putting the words together. But remember only half of the battle is won. To establish yourself as a writer you need to have a vibrant audience. To win the audience it is important to build the “know, like and trust” factors.

Gaining “Street Cred”
High-quality content undoubtedly attracts the attention of the readers and helps in building your reputation and the quality of content ties in directly with the growth of your audience.Below are a few of the ways you can begin to gain an audience and its trust when you start putting out content.
1. Understand Your Readers: Before you start writing be clear on who you want to talk to. Talking to everybody is not a good idea because you’re very likely to see higher success rates if you answer questions people have instead of shoving pointless writing down their throats.

2. Position yourself as an authority: Which, in other words, means that you need to read, research and always stay on top of any developments and changes in your field. Don’t force yourself to write about healthcare if your niche is writing skills or even human resources.

3. Create content for your audience: Crowdsourcing works. But in this age of social media, join the communities people talk the most on and don’t be afraid to just listen. You’ll find a lot of questions that need to be answered that way.

To Get Likes Online
Having great content alone is not enough. It is very important to build relationships, which eventually begins to lead into engagement and content shares and branding for your company. And here’s a few ways you can make that happen:

1. Be real and authentic: To be liked it is very important to express with passion. Share your stories and get personal in your writing. But remember to not be fake and not to overwhelm your readers with updates that don’t really make sense.

2. Engage and interact the audience: It is a great idea to interact with the audience. Get into two-way conversation with them and do your best to keep the conversation going. Ask people to leave comments on your blog and questions and then reply them satisfactorily.

To Build Trust
Building trust with people is all about transparency and inviting people to come sit at your table. Sure, there are marketing tactics involved here, but let’s not forget that people like to be treated like people, not a demographic blob.

1. Offer unique freebies: Almost everybody offers freebies, if you want to stand out, make sure your freebies are also unique like your content. You must offer something unique.

2. Never break a promise: Credibility matters a lot! If you say you will post an article every day, post it without a fail or if you say you will send free e-books to those who subscribe to the blog, honor your commitment.

3. Include testimonials: There is nothing better than third party vouching for you. Include testimonials where people share their experiences in their own words. There is nothing better that will demonstrate how you deliver a satisfying experience.

By combining these elements to the quality content, your authority as an established author is sure to be established. But remember, this will take time so don’t give up in content writing.

The Best Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

It is not easy to come across content ideas, even the most experienced writers feel a block. One of the best ways is to let someone else be your inspiration. Check out a couple of blogs, have group brainstorming sessions or ask your readers to make some suggestions. Remember, content is the backbone of a website and it is the writers responsibility to get the heart and soul in the content even when they don’t have a clue.Writing is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. There are millions and millions of ideas floating around inside your head, but how do you funnel that down to something creative and compelling? From time to time, even veteran writers face a “writer’s block” but what helps them get past it?There are a lot of ways that work for different writers at different times, but really, the key is to be consistent with your writing practice.

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However, it always helps to mix things up a bit. Follow these three simple strategies to create compelling content when you don’t have a clue:

Borrow Others’ Ideas

1. Do some web surfing and amass together at least ten websites that are related to your writing topic. Go through these websites with a critical eye. Then go to your blog and post your opinions about these web sites. Be sure to mention what you like about them and what you think can be improved. Good writers are able to see both sides of the issue or an argument. This activity will help you develop a critical perspective.

2. Talk to your friends, family members, and colleagues about your topic. They may be able to offer you different viewpoints which you might have overlooked. Jot these down in your iPad, or notebook, and revisit them later. You might be able to use one or some of these ideas later, or it might just spark a new idea!

Follow a Formula

1. Write a review about a product, movie, book, website, or anything you feel is compelling enough to get you back on track again. This exercise will force you to consider different aspects about the topic. It will also help you stay focused on the topic itself. For instance, writers often complain that when they begin writing, they start on one particular topic and end up writing about something else. This exercise will help you to remain focused.

2. Fill an idea tree. On a blank piece of paper, draw a circle in the center, and write down your topic. Now draw another circle coming off of the topic and write down the first idea that pops into your head related to the original topic. This exercise will prompt your ideas to spill out onto paper and help you visualize the direction and content of your writing. At the end of this exercise, you will have a page full of circles and ideas!

Take a Break

1. When everything else fails, take a break. Listen to some music, read a book, go out for a walk or just pick up and do something entirely different in a different atmosphere.

2. Alternatively, take a passive break. Watch your favorite movies or sitcoms and don’t let your brain stop working. The characters and personalities you see on television and theater screens can prompt creative ideas about a topic in a different way. Most writers who use this technique experience a “eureka” moment, where a scene sparks a hot new idea.

In case even these ideas fail to inspire you then you must seek help from people who offer professional content writing services. They have a team of talented writers who are capable of making even the boring topics interesting. If you’re outsourcing your work to SEO copywriting services, make sure they are experienced and have knowledge of SEO and keyword research.