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Opportunity for Freshers on the Internet – Start Earning from Today

Making money online until the last decade or so meant having your own website and employing a web designer or a marketing genius to sell your products on the internet. Not anymore. The emergence of a brand new generation of dotcoms has empowered people to get paid for their knowledge and skills from the comfort of their homes. A sustainable source of income can be raised today by using legitimate companies having dependable business models that allow you to get paid for a wide range of activities online. We present some of the most pragmatic options below, which can make earning from home via the internet a possibility.

Using freelance websites

When looking at some of the real and legitimate ways to earn from home, freelance websites are the first to come to your mind. One of the most trusted methods of making extra cash while sitting at home is undoubtedly selling your own words by becoming a freelance writer and the internet has changed the way people operate in this field now. Companies, websites, book publishers and many other businesses are looking for people who have a good command over the English language and can write on specific topics in a time-bound manner. Consider websites like and where content writers can find opportunities that match their skill set and earn money on projects of their choice. Earning from home by using such platforms can provide a renewed boost to an individual’s resume by giving him a chance to sharpen his set of skills and learn some other things on the side.

In order to be a successful freelance writer there are several important things that must be kept in mind. The first thing that will attract prospective clients towards your work are the samples that you put up for their inspection. While coming up with the perfect samples, choose the areas you feel you can approach confidently, depending upon your expertise in those fields. If you feel the demand for certain topics is more than for others, be prepared to do an in-depth research on those topics to expand the purview of your knowledge. Although, it is true that you do not really need too many resources to work from home as a freelance writer, it goes without saying that a personal computer is essential. Whereas the type of computer you get does not matter much, what does matter is the internet connection speed on it. Clients who expect people to be reachable on Skype will also expect them to have fast internet access that make such communications feasible, so it is essential to have these things set up and ready to go before venturing any further. Compatibility of programs that you use for writing purposes is also vital because clients will usually expect you to write on widely used programs such as Microsoft Word and submit the documents according to their requests. Other tools that may be required are invoicing programs and book keeping systems to keep track of things and accomplish tasks in an organized manner.

Freelancing on the internet is not limited to content writing alone. You can also contemplate working for other websites such as and that are continually looking for designers, creative illustrators and developers, who can come up with appealing graphics, visuals and software programming. While oDesk is considered best for technical developers, Elance is viewed as a slightly better option for creative professionals.

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Make Money Online

Earning through blogging

While most people blog without any conscious effort of making money from it, the fact is that making money through blogging is now easier than ever because they can be created quickly without any charge using online templates that are readily available. Once created and integrated with a Google AdSense account, a good blog can generate money for you every time a visitor clicks on the Google ad links. Adding an Amazon widget to your blog serves the same purpose because readers clicking on it and buying a product from Amazon will result in a commission for you. Obviously, a popular blog will attract and retain more traffic thus making more money for you. Pay-per-post advertising sites allow you to earn money in a similar manner when they assign you topics and pay you to write a relevant post on your blog about that topic.

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Utilize Apps on your Smartphone

Another innovative way of earning from the internet while you work from home (or somewhere else) is by using apps that reward you for doing simple tasks such as verifying traffic conditions in a particular place or clicking a picture of yourself using a certain product. Rewardable, which is free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is one such app that assigns you tasks such as visiting a supermarket to check out certain products and answering a few questions about it after careful assessment. Similarly, an Android app called Locket has made earning via your Smartphone even easier because it places ads on your lock screen and pays you for each time you unlock your phone. Even though the payouts are small, it is worth remembering that using this app does not actually require you to do any real work. A few more apps that pay you in a similar manner are Gigwalk, Shopkick and Juno Wallet.

Participate in Market Research

Market research companies are constantly looking for people who can spend a few minutes each day to participate in online surveys and provide an insight into product perception among the public. These surveys could also be about services that require evaluation and approval from the public and they compensate people working online for them in the form of cash, reward points and prizes.

Sell your Talent

If you have any special talents that enable you to create something of value while you sit at home, you can find platforms that help you sell your talents. If you have a knack for photography and a decent camera, you could sell your photographs to Microstock agencies and earn while you sit at home or even while you are travelling and enjoying a vacation. Sites such as and are always looking for visual content specific to their needs and pay handsomely by the way of a commission when a buyer purchases these photographs from them. Likewise, there are several websites, which can compensate you for making sketches, drawings and illustrations for others.

Teach Language Classes

If you are a good speaker with an ability to converse fluently in the English language (or other languages with a demand for teachers), another avenue that can open up channels of earning from home is teaching these languages online by means of conducting and streaming classes to the prospective students. Websites like can provide the necessary platform for a virtual classroom and anyone can offer lessons via the internet to people who are ready to pay for such classes. Because English speakers are in high demand across the world today, earning from home for freelance English teachers has become easier and much more practical now.

Sell your Services

There are also some websites like, which allows individuals to sell their services for a fixed fee of $5. Services sought can include taking a picture of yourself holding a sign or recording an audio or video clip singing a certain song. Even though these ideas may seem crazy and appear to lack any creative freedom, it is without doubt a fun way to make money from home. Another website that allows people to earn money online by offering services in return is Random services such as being a virtual personal assistant for a day are the basis of this website and it helps to connect people who offer and seek such services. If you have a car that you are not using currently or do not plan to use for a certain time, websites like can allow you to lend or rent your car to people for a fixed amount per hour.

Most people think of work as something that just has to be in an office-like environment, but the radical changes that the internet has brought with its emergence has redefined the way people think about working from home and earning a good income by grabbing the opportunities at hand. Freshers interested in working and earning from home via the internet now realize that they have the ability to take things in their own hands.

You can learn SEO, Social Media and pay per click training or adwords course for start earning as a freelancer.

In the interest of objectivity, it is only fair to say that due diligence has been observed while presenting the above-mentioned means of working and earning from home. However, it is an impartial appeal to the readers that they be candid about their own personal views and opinions on this subject and share with us anything that we may have missed or inadvertently ignored.

Passive Income Generation Opportunities for School Teachers, Professors and Skill Set Professionals

Passive Income Generation Methods

The advent of internet has marked a change in the general perception of people who were jostling hard to make their two ends meet. Along with seasoned of professionals from varied fields, internet offers a wide array of options for individuals who wish to earn a bit of extra money but lack prior experience.

As the most viable option available, passive income may help their financial cause considerably. Passive income or more often referred to as residual income is generally defined as money received from an activity or activity source in addition to conventional employment sources. Stated another way, your conventional mode of income enables you to buy a cake and the passive income adds the icing on the cake making it wholesome, satisfying and lucrative.

The very essence of passive income is that it enables you to receive an income stream even when you hung up your boots or are unable to work temporarily. To the contrary, passive income generation does not incorporate trading your working time for money on hourly, weekly or monthly salary basis.

Quoting a prominent example of passive income source, you author a book and it continues to sell for a considerable amount of time generating a royalty stream. Moreover, these days many companies in their endeavor of availing cost effective solutions outsource their work to cheaper labor destinations especially in the developing part of the world. The trend has opened floodgates of opportunities for professionals in varied steams including highly skilled and academic professionals. The passive income generation methods galore for teachers, professors and skill set professionals in the virtual world that matches their core competency find a mention in the list mentioned here.

Create a Blog Site:

For both, academic and skill set professionals, creating a blog site is a viable option for all the right reasons. Being a professional, it is a foregone conclusion that you are well versed with the nuances of your subject. It is all about turning your expertise into a feasible and easily accessible product.

You are an endowed academician with a treasure trove of knowledge and people are ready to shell out money to avail your expertise and benefit from it. Creating an incisive and invaluable content around your area of expertise can enable you to generate substantial traffic to your website.

The blog thus created highlighting your talent, expertise is known as niche website, and it should strike a balance between subjects that are finding favor among readers currently and those on which you can write at length in an informative manner. Moreover, you must open an active account with the blog service providers like WordPress, TypePad or BlogSpot, as opening active accounts
enhances the accessibility of your niche website. In addition, you have to target advertisers, whose products may have a relation with the niche of your blog. It will enhance the interest of visitors to your blog and you will receive payment as an affiliate for every click the visitor makes on the ads to the products that you are displaying on your blog. It is a simple logic that the more number of ads you are displaying, the higher would be your earning.

However, you should refrain from displaying excessively large numbers of ads as they can muddle up the page and render it cumbersome to surf. In your pursuit to maximize your earning potential, you can also seek to build links to your blog by employing various forum signatures, e-mail signatures and useful comments that you may spare on the blogs of other users.

However, if you are looking for an easy way out then consider incorporating Google AdSense to your blog site. With AdSense, you do not need to manage relationships with advertisers, as it offers you an instant and automatic access to an extensive source of advertisers. However, the amount of passive income in this case relies solely on the amount of footfall your blog post is garnering in the recent times. Still, blog sites have a great potential to cater to securing your financial future when income from the convention sources would seize.

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Writing an eBook:

Considering its worth as a residual income generation source, writing an eBook is the most feasible option for skill set professionals and education professionals, as its practicality is beyond doubt. With assistance from credible sources easily accessible both offline and online, writing an eBook is a relatively simple task for anyone who is good with his words. All the aspirant needs to do is focus on the most interesting and relevant elements of the subject and make the content as genuine as possible. Being well versed, writing on the subject of their specialization would not prove to be an arduous task for aforementioned professionals.

Undeniably, in the post composition scenario you have to confront many issues like book formatting, converting, and making it ready for a worldwide distribution. Fortunately, many eBook publishers can take care of the aforementioned issues in totality and sparing ample time for you to concentrate on your core competencies. Moreover, if you are an active contributor to varied blog posts, then it would work in your favor. You can simply assemble the entire content to create an e-book.

People would be more than willing to pay for the convenience of having your content in a single location. In addition, you can always incorporate insights into the eBook that you receive as reader feedback and elevate the content to another level. Many individuals have managed to secure their financial future by doing this successfully. In addition to this, you can negotiate with your online publishers on payment terms and percentage of royalty that you would receive for a specified period. It would be better for your financial interest to retain the rights of the eBook with yourself, as then only it would fetch you residual income until the eBook is available to readers online.

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Tuition from pre-packaged education programs:

For teachers and others from the academic field, pre-packaged education programs are one of the most sought after sources of passive income. The education programs offered by various service providers carry content on wide spectrum of subjects enabling the student to have a better understanding of the subject.

As a teacher or professor if you have the ability to create quality and genuine content that can go a long way in enhancing the holistic understanding of the concepts of students, then several education service providers would be vying for incorporating the content in their education programs. However, your content may need to be updated from time to time, but it is more or less a one time effort that can pay you rich dividends in the long run.

LearnHow Udemy can help you earn money?

Create a CD:

Now a question arises that can you transform your speech into your signature product and reach out to millions of people out there. If your answer is in the affirmative, you have great chances of creating a well-structured passive income stream. As an academic professional, you can create a lecture where you can impart insights into the core fundamentals and varied facets of the subject of your expertise.

Availing assistance of quality equipment, you can quite easily record a video or audio of your discourse and compile that into a CD, DVD, or a file that you intend to sell online. You have the freedom to substantiate it with additional value including both perceived and real by incorporating a transcript and a relevant study guide. In this case too, people would not hesitate to pay for your thought provoking views and your genuine approach toward a particular subject that you are discussing in your discourse.

LearnHow to Develop Your Educational Video

Record an Event:

The idea of turning a live event of prominence into an online training experience can also fetch you residual income to a certain degree. For obvious reasons, you have to initiate by recording the event and then turning into modules with workbooks, transcripts, or other ancillary material. There are several platforms like from where you can deliver the various modules to your target audience and earn revenue in lieu. For a skill set professional, the entire process would not be that hard to accomplish. However, you have to be careful about broadcasting rights of the particular event and make sure that you do not infringe them to stay out of trouble.

Affiliate Marketing:

A prominent revenue earning source, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting products of other companies. In simple terms, you can find a product as per your liking, promote it to others via social networking websites or your own personal blog and be entitled to earn a decent share of the profit for each sale accomplished by you.

The most remarkable feature of affiliate marketing is that it offers a win-win situation to all parties concerned. You, who facilitated the deal, get the commission and is a reason good enough to make you smile. The company benefits by not only garnering revenue from the sold product but also by gaining grounds in new territories that remained out of their access hitherto. In addition, the third vertical, the buyer more often than not, feel elated to have a new product at his/her disposal. Elaborating the other virtues of affiliate marketing Steven Fu, an eminent author opines,

“Residual income with Affiliate Programs is another great residual income source you should seriously look into. This is a good way to start a business online if you are new and a great way to build your business earning passive residual income for years to come. One of advantages of promoting affiliate programs is of course, you don’t need to deal with customer service. You don’t even need a ware house to store your goods to name a few”.

If you are a teachers or a skill set professional with established credentials, then it offers you potential passive income opportunities. You can sell products and services related to your specialization and your credentials can certainly help.

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Having multiple streams of income is a highly desirable method of securing your finances and a comfortable future. However, the best way to learn in the ever-volatile marketplace is by trial-and-error method, and it is only by experimenting that you can settle to a mode that works perfectly for you. All the aforementioned life-changing modes of passive income generation are beckoning you and it is you, who has to rest the prerogative.

Websites for Part Time Jobs in India

Marriage, childbirth, retirement, etc. all bring about various changes in an individual’s life, especially women, which compel them to call off their professional life. Even if they have an urge to resume their profession, they hold back because they are not able to commit the amount of time and energy that a full time job requires.

While part time jobs have been around for a while now, there were very few means to land a decent role that matches your qualifications and skills and lets you work as per your comfort. However, times have changed and today more and more companies and businesses are looking for a workforce that can be hired for short durations and let off when the work is done.

Despite the new forums and portals that have emerged where such part time job seekers can find suitable roles, they vary in terms of suitability, i.e.,  while one portal may be a good go-to for writers, the other may be better for website designers. So here’s a list of job roles and he websites which are best suited to land the required role.

Elance: A go-to place for the small businesses and start-ups, Elance is also a preferred stop-shop for the biggies. Employers find their suitable candidates here and professionals, their kind of job. Elance is the place you need to visit for part time jobs if you’re a designer, developer, admin, writer, support representative or marketer.

The platform not only connects you to the resources but also handles and delivers your payments deducting 8.5% on your quoted price.

ODesk: It’s best for newcomers and does not charge membership fees. Their website is easy to navigate through and you can find a wide range of jobs for freshers. ODesk offers fixed and hourly rate jobs, the latter being monitored by the ODesk team software. In fact hourly jobs get you a better pay. Their service changes are however 10% of the project’s agreed amount.

Guru: Yet another player in the freelancing/ part time business, Guru was founded in USA in the year 2000. The company connects businesses to more than 5,20,000 freelancers and individuals looking for jobs with flexibility. It has a dearth of opportunities for professionals in the field of programming, website design, business consulting, administrative support and graphic design. They have free as well as paid memberships.

Similar to Elance, Guru also handles all payments using secured gateways. In fact, it also provides a suite of admin tools to make administration of projects easier.

RentACoder: Founded in 2001 in USA, RentACoder is a platform for software developers only. It has above 2,00,000 coders and 20,000 employers registered with them follow a one-time payment method where the pay is dispatched once the project is completed. Emloyers need to deposit the entire project amount at the start which will stay with the company till the work is done.

It charges 15% of the project’s amount and handles payments through its own channels.

SkillPages: Skill pages is a platform where you can find people with just about any kind of skill. Ranging from finding a plumber to finding a partner to engage with in a business, the company is a one-stop shop for all kinds of human resource needs. You can also locate experts and get advice from them on how to simplify your work or fix issues with it.

Freelancer: Its been here for a while now and is one of the most popular freelancing sites for PHP developers, web designers, or content writers. It has 27,73,000 freelancers registered with it and helps land a job through a referral program. Its charges though are comparatively higher where they take $5 or 10% of bids that win and 3% from members having gold membership.

Feverr: Think of any kind of service, no matter how weird or small it is; you’ll get people for them here on Feverr. A huge marketplace for freelancers, this platform has jobs rates starting from $5. Freelancers can create an account and get themselves listed within one of the tree levels that they have.

mTurk: Its one of a kind freelancing platform built by Amazon where the jobs require “Human Intelligence” to facilitate low wages with minimal mental efforts; essentially a place for people who can perform some tasks better than computers. They have 500 employers and 100 freelancers listed with them and both can register for free to get started.

ScriptLance: Useful for programmers and designers, ScriptLance was founded in Canada in 2001. With over 100 jobs posted in a day, this platform offers free registration and handles the project payments too for both ends. Its service changes are minimal which are taken at the start of the project from the freelancers and returned if the project is cancelled.

PeoplePerHour: As per the name, PeoplePerHour pays freelancers on an hourly basis and the number of projects you can bid on depends on the type of membership (Standard, Gold and Platinum) you have. In fact, their charges also depend on the chosen membership. This platform connects businesses to website developers, programmers, web designers, social media specialist, writers and editors and resources for various business support functions.

So you no longer have to live with the guilt that you were not able to justify youe educational qualifications and skills. There’s a world of options you have. All you need to do is look around.

So what kind of part time job are you looking for? Have experiences to share? Post your thoughts and takes below. We’d love to hear from your end.

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Affiliate Marketing: A Rewarding Career

We are all conscious and aware of the growing internet users and the extent of dependence on it. Digital marketing has a big role to play here since it connects businesses to their customers via the virtual medium. The emergence of digital marketing saw a burst of avenues paving way for new business opportunities and job roles. One such emerging business opportunity is affiliate marketing which has  become very lucrative.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

While most people are aware belonging to the industry are aware of it, here’s a concise idea about affiliate marketing, for those who aren’t aware. It’s inspired from the oldest kind of marketing, previously done offline, where you refer a product to someone and when he/ she purchases it you make a certain amount of commission.

This same idea is used in affiliate marketing which a small change. The modification is that you, the business owner would be showcasing products from various clients on his website that already has a huge traffic coming in through quality blogging. The commission gained could however range from $1 to $10,000 depending on the kind of product being promoted. The person promoting the products is referred to as the ‘Affiliate’.

How does it work?

For someone who wants to engage into affiliate marketing, he/she has to get a website made. Once done, they need to sign up for the affiliate marketing program with companies who consider this. Registering for the program will generate a unique tracking code which would be used by the company to track your promotional activities and sales.

When you’ve successfully registered for the program and received the unique tracking code, you need to begin blogging about the products. Depending on the quality of your content and how successfully who are able to project and recommend the products sales will occur. In a similar way you can affiliate with multiple brands to promote their products. Opting for more brands helps you increase your scope of earning.

How can you make your blog successful is a topic in itself which will help you understand the various ways n which you can promote your blog and the tools that can help leverage it.

Skills required for Affiliate Marketing

There is no such skill that required for being an affiliate. However, you should have a fair to good writing skills and should have an inclination to read. Reading is required because you not only gain an idea about products and services but you’re also able to develop an opinion on them and when it comes to affiliate marketing, consumers do give importance and value personal opinion and recommendation.

How can SEO and PPC training help you manage affiliate marketing successfully?

This is a common question that most individuals ask when they approach us for trainings on Affiliate Marketing and we suggest them SEO and PPC training for it. For a novice, SEO/ PPC training for gaining an insight on affiliate marketing may make no sense. However, they are interconnected.

Affiliate Marketing banks on the volume of traffic that your website has. The more the traffic, the better the visibility and the more you’re able to sell. Essentially to gain visibility for your blog you would need SEO and PPC as tools. Knowing SEO will help you gain organic visibility and an insight and training on PPC will help you gain good visibility over the internet by creating campaigns that work.

Hence, enrolling for a PPC and SEO training is beneficial for being successful in Affiliate Marketing.

Case Study: John Chow 

An entrepreneur, blogger and speaker, John Chow is one of the renowned names in the internet arena. Ranked 16 in Ad Age’s Power 150, John’s blogging took off when he came across affiliate marketing, promoting his blog from earning nothing to over $40,000 a month, in a matter of two years.

Working 2 hours a day, John managed to set an example to the internet community as to how blogging can be monetized. He has promoted brands like ReviewMe, Kontera, AdSense, BuyMeABeer, etc.  Today, he is an author of various e-books like Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, John Chow’s Secrets Revealed and many more. He has over 200,000 daily readers who actively read and comment on his blogs and has featured in a number of eminent magazines and shows worldwide.

Find John Chow’s Earning Report

Case Study: Harsh Aggarwal 

Begun as a passion but developed into a full time job, blogging gave young Harsh Aggarwal much more than gratifying earnings. Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, Harsh’s first stint in Affiliate Marketing was with Dreamhost where he earned $47 though he had begun blogging long before.

Harsh has had immense success in his blogging endeavors and suggests all individuals with an inclination to be an entrepreneur, to try it. His earnings over a period of 5 years have been $80,410 which is commendable. Harsh has been an affiliate for various brands like Hostgator, Amazon, Theme-Junkie, Media Temple and many more. In his blog ‘A Blogger’s 5 Year Affiliate Earning For Inspiration : $80410’ he has provided a comprehensive report on his earnings in the past 5 years, where he has been fairly eloquent about the brands he worked for and how much he earned from each of them.

Find Harsh Agarwal’s Adsense and Affiliate Earning Report

The Future: Will It Sustain?

For individuals looking out for an opportunity to earn money with little investment, this is one of the best considerations to make. The future is bright as the markets for affiliate marketing are improving over time. More and more brands are coming out of their shells and shedding their inhibitions about considering it.

If done systematically with due diligence, Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding, sometimes way above your expectations too!

What are your thoughts on Affiliate Marketing? Do you consider it as a lucrative business opportunity? Post your thoughts, opinions or queries; we’d love to hear from you.

Various Ways to Make Money Through Online Marketing

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician. Later when I entered adolescence I made up my mind to become a Special Agent/Detective. The reason for both my aspirations was one. Both Magicians and Special Agents Detectives have a secret that no one knows about and the people are always in awe of these mysterious people. Today, I can say that I am doing something which comes really close to the profession; I wanted to be in, as a child.

Many people in today’s urban life take cues for their lives by taking their queries to a search engine, atleast once a day. What they don’t always know about is the sheer amount of effort it takes to get a website ranking high enough to gain visibility for their exact search query.

So in a way, everything looks automatic to the people but in reality, we are behind the curtains, doing the coin tricks. Sounds exciting, right? In reality it’s even more fascinating.

So what are the things that we can do by learning these tricks?

Blogging – Blogging is the emerging star in the world of web. Where there are debates going on whether to consider blogs as a form of art and literature, blogging has gone way beyond creative writing. It has put its foothold on many fields, whether it’s Literature, Science, Psychology, Marketing, Philosophy, Travel and Food, Culture and Geography or Sociology.

Blogging carries different uses and different meanings to different people. When it comes to you as an opportunity to use your skills to earn money, that too by sitting at home, and pouring out your ideas while your coffee, it can be the best employment there can be.

In fact, after a point of time, consistently blogging about any genre – especially SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization and content marketing – will come naturally to you. With blogging, good leads are a function of great content.

How do you get started?

Pick a Platform – So you are all set to write your first blog, but which platform to choose?

The best options in the market are either Blogspot or WordPress. Both of these platforms are easy to set up, easy to use and come with great themes that you can customize your blogs with. Be prepared to pay a little bit if you need access to more advanced options like manipulating your CSS sheets.

The main aspects of blogging – When you start maintaining your blogs, what are the things you need to focus upon?

Content – First and foremost you need to focus upon the subject and the quality of your blogs. You need to have a clear idea about the matter which you would like to project through your blog.

Audience – The second thing that you should always bear in mind when you’re developing content is to decide the audience your blog is being targeted towards for example, whether it is for a group of professionals, teenagers, students etc.

Monetization – You can also monetize your blog through CPC ad networks like Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of being a medium for sale and purchase of goods. It is a brilliant method to earn money. You propose and advertise the products of the companies to your audience through your and get paid when they buy it. In fact, any time you recommend a relevant product or service to your audience, check to see if they have an affiliate program. If so, sign up and use your affiliate link. After all, if you’d recommend it to your readers anyway, you might as well make a little cut if they happen to buy.

Direct Ad Sales – Ads which you put above your blogs are known as banner ads, while the ads which are relevant to your blog and when you put between your texts are known as in-text ads. These two methods are also brilliant ways to make money. But its better to put up ads directly instead of camouflaging it in your post, as it will help in getting better revenues. You can make a media almanac/ catalogue for your blog as well. For the market prices, it would be better if your call is twice your eCPM from Google AdSense, as you are directly advertising for their product. Also, let’s not forget thta Google will take half of the revenues.

Sponsored Posts – You can also put your critically reviewed blogs for specific products. This works really well as a medium of advertisement, as it gives people a more personal touch, i.e. research in a more micro-level. There are sites which host such review blogs to be posted like PayPerPost and ReviewMe. You can also do it directly through your blog. When doing this, it is important to disclose the fact that it is a paid review. It is also important that you maintain your integrity and never give a positive review unless you’re really feeling it.

CPC Networks – like Google Adsense, Chitika, and Other Ad networks

The third and the most important thing is to know how to monetize your blog. For this, you can join any SEO Institute for learning promotional activities.

When you have done all of this, you may also come up with new ideas about making your blog, stand out. For instance, if you live in a place where there is a diversity of languages, like India, you can write your blogs in, say Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati or any language you are adept. There are multilingual language translators inbuilt, in sites like and It gives you good exposure and make you focus on audiences on a more granular and local level by personalizing content for them.

For example, the very successful Hindi blog, It translates English articles/videos to Hindi and is earning earning quite well because of concerted and targeted efforts for a niche audience.

Top Blogging Income Chart

How I make money with shoutmeloud.

Top earning blogs

Successful Bloggers Income Chart


How can you bring more traffic by learning SEO?

In order to know how this works, you need to do proper research on the keywords. Keywords are a key to better traffic and only come second to your content. Keeping the keywords to be used, you have to compose an OnPage-Optimized Article. Which covers most parts of your Optimization efforts. The next step is to keep an outbound link SEO in mind. See to it that your content has a fair density, with LSI words. You will have to install the EasyWpSEO plugin in WordPress to for optimization.

Is content marketing the new seo with infographic.

Content Marketing the New SEO
Other plugins that will be helpful are Digg-Digg plugin, to promote your blog-post on social media platforms. Other accessories which can come in handy are Free Keyword monitor or Traffic Travis for tracking keyword position. Along with it Google Docs can be used to monitor rankings in Google Search, learn here more. A brilliant way to boost the ranking of the keyword is to use Guest posting campaign. You can also make good use of buttons like, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn buttons.

Off-Page Optimization – A Quick “How To”

In order to start with a bang, you need to keep in mind that quality is a priority. When you start you can’t think about getting the easy links because they pile up must not think to get the easy links, as they pile up like very easily.

Remember, a good quality blog is like a good library, which has relevant and good books instead of a cluttered pile of badly graded books which have no substance. You have to be patient with your blogs success and backlinking. If you start building massive amounts of links without considering the frequency, might result in Google detecting “unnatural link behavior” and mark it as a suspicious activity, which might result in a very painful penalty. So keep calm and build links at a relaxed pace.

Creating Tutorials or Videos

You can design free courses through Screencast Software and upload it on YouTube and your blog/website. Its really easy to use. As soon as you take a capture and then click the Share via button, you get a link after it gets uploaded. The link then, gets copied to your clipboard, which you can paste anywhere, on any social networking platform, including your blog.

And embedded videos always make for great, rich content those get a higher number of clicks.

Start your own YouTube or other Video training channel

Create a Gmail account, which can also be used as your YouTube Channel. After you have created a Gmail account, go to the main YouTube home-screen.

Youtube create channel for business Tutorial

You can promote and market your blogs through YouTube & other Video hosting sites. You can also make Video Blogs or a YouTube channel linking your Blog to your channel.

Which Kind of videos can be created easily?

Basically, any content that proves to be helpful for people.

SEO Tips, SEO News, or you can share your own field of expertise. For instance: MLM events, Spiritual sessions, etc. have been recording wonderfully, but don’t get proper online exposure. You can ask them and they can provide you content for free, in return you would promote their work. This is another brilliant way to monetize through small businesses.

How to Promote Your Videos

YouTube has an extensive keyword search tool as well. If you want to promote your own small business through YouTube I recommend you read the following post:

15 Tips for using youtube to promote your business.

How to Monetize Your Own YouTube Channel

YouTube Ads Partner Network – Through the YouTube Partner Program, one can enable their channel for monetization and their videos can earn revenue from ads on YouTube. The benefits are both for you and the clients. You can add this feature by clicking on the “Get Started” button on the Creator Benefits page on YouTube. Monetize by Promotion on your channels on other video hosting websites, like Daily Motion etc.

The 25 highest earning youtube stars.

Highest Earning Youtube Stars

Create and Sell Your Own SEO Courses

You can also create online courses and sell on which is a great platform of monetizing your videos through tutorials. is the world’s largest destination for online courses. You can get a huge amount of audience and ofcourse a good amount of money as well. Some other websites like are, and

4 tip- checklist to get started with Udemy

a) Plan your course Curriculum – Planning the course is the first step to make your tutorial organized and systematic. Planning will save time and it will also reduce the scope of reeors and confusion which can make things less productive. Prepare charts of points that you need to cover as a syllabus. Your course should be a series of step-by-step tutorials which gradually starts to unfold, and makes the viewers learn in a more effective and convenient manner.

The Details section can be filled by the agenda of your online course. You may also put the aim and objectives, the groups of people which might benefit from it and what all does it require. You should also mention the level of understanding by adjectives like ‘Basic/Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Expert’.

b) Course Content – Once you have planned your course, start on the implementation. You will have to create tutorials on the course related material. A good tutorial is when you make it easy to understand, explained in an easy manner. Try to avoid using jargon and explain in layman’s terms as the video will be broadcasted to many people including beginners.

Do not beat around the bush and always keep the primary objectives in focus. I have seen people just rant the “extra knowledge” they have acquired from here-and-there instead of sharing what really matters. It’s not always bad to get some Easter-eggs with your normal information, given that the relevant information does get conveyed properly.

You have a variety of choices to choose from (e.g. Video, Audio, Presentation, Document, Text Mashup) but Udemy suggests that your course should consist of atleast 60% video lecture content (including screencasts) and has to choose different mediums of contents for a more detailed and interactive tutorial sessions. Udemy also supports Downloadable Files from other sites, like YouTube, Slideshare, Vimeo can be well used as supplementary material.

Here are some tips to make a good tutorial.

Lighting exposure and contrast

Audio – Make sure that the microphone that you’re using is of a good quality, which receives filtered sounds and delivers a clear, crisp, and audible audio. Also check that there are no noises and interruptions in the background.

Video – Try to use high end video recorders to capture high resolution which is about 720p or HD (most modern smartphones and digital cameras can record in 720p or higher). Make sure they have a plain background, good frame and all written text is legible.

Type – Always keep the files to a 1.0 GB file size limit and always use .mp4, .mov, or .flv file format as they’re universally accepted video formats for most of the players. Always use widescreen 16:9 ratio, even though 4:3 is accepted.

c) Publishing your course – Once you’re done with preparing the tutorial videos, you will be ready to upload and publish an online course on the The process is very easy, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

Under “Curriculum”

  • Use the Curriculum Builder to add new add and existing materials (including Mashups).
  • Add useful supplementary material (i.e. presentation slides, readings, Zip file, resources).
  • Use the Udemy Bulk Uploader to add multiple files at once: Download the Udemy Bulk Uploader at 159355 Upload files with the udemy bulk uploader

You should also keep these things in mind:

  • You can add an amazing instructor bio (including image) that explains your experience and expertise under My Profile.
  • You should also keep in mind that you put high resolution, and suitable course images (dimensions: Min. 480×270, Rec. 960×540).
  • All information should be complete, under Basics and Details section.
  • Keep the video content of 30 minutes on an average, but try not to make it too short or too long.
  • Confirm the Privacy settings, Price & Promotions.
  • Apply to become a Premium Instructor and get paid to Teach Online.
  • Consider Third Party Integration.

Once you have all the material uploaded to your course and have gone through the checklist, click Publish! Once you publish, your course will go live and you can share it with others via its direct URL or landing page on any social platform. However, your course won’t be discoverable on Udemy’s marketplace or via search until it goes through our quality review process, which takes around 3-4 business days. Once its reviewed, your course can be found on Udemy’s Marketplace.

d) PromotionBut your work does not end here.

According to the support page of Udemy, “If you get course reviews and 25 students into your course through your own promotions in your first 30 days, your course may be featured on our New & Noteworthy page! That will help you get even more awareness for your course.”

You should also remember to put the URL of your tutorial, on social media platforms for an organic advertisement.

Top ten earners on udemy.

Top Ten Earners
Start Your own Android or IPhone Apps

Nowadays there are app builders which provide you complete assistance where you don’t have to code sitting on the backend. You can also build your own Android based app and make it free/open sourced. Some websites like,,,,, can help you to create these apps for free. You just have to customize your app according to your needs. You can make a mobile tutorial, or SEO related applications. You can also create a blog app where you can make others join you and work together.

How can you monetize your own Apps?

  • 1) You can put Ad windows on your apps which generate money every time they’re used.
  • 2) This one is more effective where you can you can make a free version of an app, where you put all the basic features for people to use. If they want to upgrade to the pro version, they have to pay some money.

At the end of this lengthy post, we’ve still only begun to scratch the surface. There is a whole world of unexplored land of tricks and strategies which people have tested and come only with experience. I hope you’ll be able to take away information that you can use for your own growth!

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The 5 Highest Paid Freelancing Jobs, Online

Previously, it was individuals trying to take time out of their busy work schedules to engage into personal life activities. The trend is however changing lately, that too at a brisk pace. Freelancing saw its emergence since the early stages of recession, when traditional jobs was observed to no longer be secure, even if it was undertaken full-time.

Shaken by the tremors of recession, employees found solace in freelancing. While it was more of an air-bag at the earlier stages bringing stability to the “unstable” full-time jobs, it has become a choice, made purposefully and in full sanity, lately.

Freelancing has its own advantages that make it a preferred choice among its takers, like:

  • The opportunity to diversify skills and gain exposure in different fields.
  • Ability to make choices in terms of the projects wished to be worked upon, allowing for taking career ownerships in one’s own hands.
  • Flexibility of location and schedule

The kind of character freelancing has, it is able to offer a whole lot of opportunities for people from all walks of life like at-home parents, experienced retirees and displaced workers. Based on a research conducted by the Forbes, the most lucrative job areas to work as a freelancer are as under:

Freelancing Jobs List

Project Management

The major job roles involve coordinating strategies between companies and their clients, creating supporting plans and strategies and supervising project integration teams to ascertain project completions within stipulated time and budget. The incumbents also have to allot duties to team members and observe project development phases closely.

Designations offered: Process Analyst and Project Manager

Website Development

Job roles for this area range from providing development support for applications, creation of tools for websites, creating and testing systems along with imbibing the application into the software platform, managing servers and sites, working as a technical support closely and improving applications and architectures.

Designations offered: Web Applications Developer, Web Content Developer and junior Web Developer


The incumbents require creating articles on a variety of topics; ensuring spellings and grammar are in place, creating quick reference guides, manuals, learning documents, technical specifications and standardized operating procedures. They are also required to perform the necessary research for, write and even edit the document. They may have to generate content ideas as and when required too.

Have a great writing skills? Start your own blog and learn here– A step-by-step guide to monetizing your blog

:Designations offered: Copywriter, Content Manager, Blog Writer and Content Writer

Hire for Freelancing

Inspectors for Insurance Firms

The job involves gathering information (pictures and measurements) and creating reports thereon, identifying risk areas, conducting commercial inspections, making suggestions as and when required to combat the perceived risks, generate digital sketches, make calculations andconduct surveys.

Designations offered: Insurance Appraiser and Residential Insurance Inspector

Social Media

The job role entails creating, managing and updating various social media platforms, framing and implementing social, online and mobile strategies, publishing content on the platforms, generating engaging content for the social sites as well to attract traffic. You can register here for social media courses at

Designations offered: Community Manager and Social Media Coordinator

Earn Money Online – A Step-by-Step Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

Post e-commerce, blogging is the next best way to earn bucks! Blogging initially saw its emergence as a means to put forward quality and informative content which later molded into websites that could well be a tool for amplified reach and mass appeal and thus a revenue source. Blogging as an activity could majorly serve three purposes i.e., communicating through blogs for pure passion;looking out for earning money through the process or for both.

Blog Earning GuideWhile blogs may list away ways to earn form your blogs with the prefix “simple”; it’s not as simple as it seems. The initial work of setting up your blog, posting valued content and gaining a loyal audience is a lifetime’s work. If we had to look at the initial steps that enable monetary incomes from blogs it would be as follows:

  1. A stable and flourishing blogging platform is the first consideration to be made
  2. Designing the blog which may require dedicated efforts from professional designers
  3. Posting quality-rich dominating content targeted to a specific niche. Note that this is not a one-time effort but needs to be delivered in continuity.
  4. Marketing sufficiently and aptly so that it reaches out to maximum of targeted audience.
  5. Engaging a team of writers and managers to contribute to and manage the blogs and posts efficiently.

If you are looking forward to monetizing from your blog, then you should know that it’s nothing but leveraging the attracted traffic and the efforts invested into bringing the blog forward.

There are, a few standard and time tested means of monetizing your blog, which have been addressed hereunder.

Make Money Online in India

The entrepreneurial take:

This requires pure selling of your products. Blog owners need to understand the value that they are providing through their blogs rather than pondering on whether their products will sell or not. Of course it will! If your blog is playing a “trust engine”, feeding enthusiastic, earnest, passionate and interested readers, your products are bound to sell. The approach should ideally be – blogging to sell. Create a string of products (digital or physical) that deliver to a niche or a niche within a niche (extremely focused).  For digital products you tie up with E-Junkie or Citibank whereas physical products can be sold through tie-ups with LinkShare, Commision Junction, and the like.

Affiliate marketing:

Blogs with a mere bunch of links will not yield for sure. You have to make your blog a respectable place where everything is present for a reason. If you have quality content that is delivered uniformly and timely, your audience will eventually learn to value your opinion and take it into considerations as and when required. If you’re here to stay, a long term content marketing plan would ideally require your investment. Create a page of all the resources that you may have referred, used or even awed at. Imbed these links on your blogs then, without being persuasive about them visiting those. If your links fit well, they will be automatically drawn towards them. You could further opt for an email subscriber list for promoting the affiliate products and services.

Sponsored advertisements:

Once the engagement is in place and you are able to keep your audience coming back for more, doors to moneymaking will naturally open up. Advertisements are one such means of banking on the traffic flowing into your blog. Google Adsense, Bidvertizer, Chitika and Clicksor are the most trending among various other advertising programs. Though it may sound enticing and lucrative at the face of it, it requires a lot of input to arrive at the stage where this can be leveraged. Such third party advertising platforms require testing ad placements like the A/B testing and the unending effort of page optimization to yield maximum revenues. Besides, observations and trials like checking to see if the ads perform better when placed on the sides rather than the bottom; do the ads work better if formatted in different font styles and colors or they best work with simple fonts; do they yield more conversions when repeatedly showcased or just left as mere sponsors or ads and many more such considerations.

Membership sites:

While membership sites may come with advantages like a preset audience and advertisement potentials, they require to be justified through adherence to their pre-laid standards like quality considerations and the ability to deliver optimum quality posts regularly. Now that’s not easy. Among the many such sites,, and rank among the top few. New York Times, Wall Street Journal and GigaOm are the top website that consider content only in their websites. Additionally, web-apps like Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud and Xero can also be leveraged for the purpose.

While a combination of the above sites may be used to profit from your blog, be informed that monetizing from a blog entails a combination of trust, traffic, effective use of your blog space and engagement.

Have you tried earning from your blog? What have your readings and observations been with regard to the approach? Share your takes with us. Start learning PPC, SEO and Social Media for better earning.