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Various Ways to Make Money Through Online Marketing

April 9, 2014, By   1 Comment

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician. Later when I entered adolescence I made up my mind to become a Special Agent/Detective. The reason for both my aspirations was one. Both Magicians and Special Agents Detectives have a secret that no one knows about and the people are always in awe [Read More]

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The 5 Highest Paid Freelancing Jobs, Online

March 14, 2014, By   2 Comments

Previously, it was individuals trying to take time out of their busy work schedules to engage into personal life activities. The trend is however changing lately, that too at a brisk pace. Freelancing saw its emergence since the early stages of recession, when traditional jobs was observed to no longer be secure, even if it [Read More]

Earn Money Online – A Step-by-Step Guide to Monetizing Your Blog

March 6, 2014, By   2 Comments

Post e-commerce, blogging is the next best way to earn bucks! Blogging initially saw its emergence as a means to put forward quality and informative content which later molded into websites that could well be a tool for amplified reach and mass appeal and thus a revenue source. Blogging as an activity could majorly serve [Read More]

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SEO Training – How to use Content Syndication successfully?

February 24, 2014, By   No Comments

Module #1: Content Syndication Content Syndication literally means sharing of content. However if we were to explain the concept of content syndication, it would essentially mean sharing your content in the form of sites, blogs or videos with other websites in the form of snippets, thumbnails, links or full articles. Why is it required? Content [Read More]

Social Media Training – Google+ Tip: How to Cross-Post Updates to Facebook, Twitter?

January 28, 2014, By   No Comments

Almost all organizations and individuals have accounts present in different social media platforms. Because of this at times it is possible that you are posting the same content here and there. To handle this problem, here’s a tip; now cross post updates to various other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc from your Google+ account [Read More]

Best Practices for On-Page SEO to Follow For 2014

December 17, 2013, By   3 Comments

The year 2013 has been quite eventful for online marketers. Google, with their aggressive introduction of algorithm updates has left SEO experts a little unsure about what the search giant will do next. Though, Google have managed to bring across the point very clear that they aim to stop the black hat tactics like link [Read More]

Local Businesses Don’t Need Big Budgets for Their Content Marketing

December 11, 2013, By   2 Comments

With all the changes happening in the digital marketing industry, the one constant that has emerged is that SEO is all about content marketing. It is important to create, publish and promote content that will naturally attract new links rather than using backlinks. The plan sounds simple and easy on paper, but we’ve seen late [Read More]

Going Back to SEO Basics to Increase Conversions

November 25, 2013, By   2 Comments

Are you struggling to increase conversions and  you’ve tried all the latest techniques? If nothings worked yet, have you thought about visiting the old SEO techniques? Yes, you read it right! Going back to SEO basics to increase conversions can actually help you gain traction by almost 50%. Each of the below mentioned SEO basics [Read More]

Link Building has been Dead After Hummingbird?

November 18, 2013, By   2 Comments

There is no doubt that Panda squashed poor quality content and Penguin squashed low-quality links. Now, Hummingbird is expected to eat link-building. Hummingbird is not just another algorithm update, it is more of re-tooling that is done behind-the-scene to make Google smarter and faster. Wondering what exactly is hummingbird and how it will affect your [Read More]

How to Make Google Your Best Friend – SEO Tips for Entrepreneurs

October 31, 2013, By   2 Comments

You have an eCommerce store but it is not yielding profits? Thinking why? The answer is simple, if people cannot find you, where will the revenue come from. Ranking higher than your competitors is necessary. It is understood that you’re missing out on sales and revenues if the traffic footfalls are lesser. If you are [Read More]