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Websites for Part Time Jobs in India

Marriage, childbirth, retirement, etc. all bring about various changes in an individual’s life, especially women, which compel them to call off their professional life. Even if they have an urge to resume their profession, they hold back because they are not able to commit the amount of time and energy that a full time job [Read More]

Social Media Training – Google+ Tip: How to Cross-Post Updates to Facebook, Twitter?

Almost all organizations and individuals have accounts present in different social media platforms. Because of this at times it is possible that you are posting the same content here and there. To handle this problem, here’s a tip; now cross post updates to various other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc from your Google+ account [Read More]

Going Back to SEO Basics to Increase Conversions

Are you struggling to increase conversions and  you’ve tried all the latest techniques? If nothings worked yet, have you thought about visiting the old SEO techniques? Yes, you read it right! Going back to SEO basics to increase conversions can actually help you gain traction by almost 50%. Each of the below mentioned SEO basics [Read More]

How Can Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Social Media?

No business in today’s scenario can dismiss the power of social media. Social media gives free and instant access to millions of people who can turn into potential customers and thus spell the success or doom of any business entity. You may feel managing social media accounts is a tough task, but with social media [Read More]