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Websites for Part Time Jobs in India

Marriage, childbirth, retirement, etc. all bring about various changes in an individual’s life, especially women, which compel them to call off their professional life. Even if they have an urge to resume their profession, they hold back because they are not able to commit the amount of time and energy that a full time job requires.

While part time jobs have been around for a while now, there were very few means to land a decent role that matches your qualifications and skills and lets you work as per your comfort. However, times have changed and today more and more companies and businesses are looking for a workforce that can be hired for short durations and let off when the work is done.

Despite the new forums and portals that have emerged where such part time job seekers can find suitable roles, they vary in terms of suitability, i.e.,  while one portal may be a good go-to for writers, the other may be better for website designers. So here’s a list of job roles and he websites which are best suited to land the required role.

Elance: A go-to place for the small businesses and start-ups, Elance is also a preferred stop-shop for the biggies. Employers find their suitable candidates here and professionals, their kind of job. Elance is the place you need to visit for part time jobs if you’re a designer, developer, admin, writer, support representative or marketer.

The platform not only connects you to the resources but also handles and delivers your payments deducting 8.5% on your quoted price.

ODesk: It’s best for newcomers and does not charge membership fees. Their website is easy to navigate through and you can find a wide range of jobs for freshers. ODesk offers fixed and hourly rate jobs, the latter being monitored by the ODesk team software. In fact hourly jobs get you a better pay. Their service changes are however 10% of the project’s agreed amount.

Guru: Yet another player in the freelancing/ part time business, Guru was founded in USA in the year 2000. The company connects businesses to more than 5,20,000 freelancers and individuals looking for jobs with flexibility. It has a dearth of opportunities for professionals in the field of programming, website design, business consulting, administrative support and graphic design. They have free as well as paid memberships.

Similar to Elance, Guru also handles all payments using secured gateways. In fact, it also provides a suite of admin tools to make administration of projects easier.

RentACoder: Founded in 2001 in USA, RentACoder is a platform for software developers only. It has above 2,00,000 coders and 20,000 employers registered with them follow a one-time payment method where the pay is dispatched once the project is completed. Emloyers need to deposit the entire project amount at the start which will stay with the company till the work is done.

It charges 15% of the project’s amount and handles payments through its own channels.

SkillPages: Skill pages is a platform where you can find people with just about any kind of skill. Ranging from finding a plumber to finding a partner to engage with in a business, the company is a one-stop shop for all kinds of human resource needs. You can also locate experts and get advice from them on how to simplify your work or fix issues with it.

Freelancer: Its been here for a while now and is one of the most popular freelancing sites for PHP developers, web designers, or content writers. It has 27,73,000 freelancers registered with it and helps land a job through a referral program. Its charges though are comparatively higher where they take $5 or 10% of bids that win and 3% from members having gold membership.

Feverr: Think of any kind of service, no matter how weird or small it is; you’ll get people for them here on Feverr. A huge marketplace for freelancers, this platform has jobs rates starting from $5. Freelancers can create an account and get themselves listed within one of the tree levels that they have.

mTurk: Its one of a kind freelancing platform built by Amazon where the jobs require “Human Intelligence” to facilitate low wages with minimal mental efforts; essentially a place for people who can perform some tasks better than computers. They have 500 employers and 100 freelancers listed with them and both can register for free to get started.

ScriptLance: Useful for programmers and designers, ScriptLance was founded in Canada in 2001. With over 100 jobs posted in a day, this platform offers free registration and handles the project payments too for both ends. Its service changes are minimal which are taken at the start of the project from the freelancers and returned if the project is cancelled.

PeoplePerHour: As per the name, PeoplePerHour pays freelancers on an hourly basis and the number of projects you can bid on depends on the type of membership (Standard, Gold and Platinum) you have. In fact, their charges also depend on the chosen membership. This platform connects businesses to website developers, programmers, web designers, social media specialist, writers and editors and resources for various business support functions.

So you no longer have to live with the guilt that you were not able to justify youe educational qualifications and skills. There’s a world of options you have. All you need to do is look around.

So what kind of part time job are you looking for? Have experiences to share? Post your thoughts and takes below. We’d love to hear from your end.

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