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Internet marketing acronyms for beginners: SEM, SEO, SMO

Internet Marketing Acronyms for Beginners
To start or grow your business, the key is to create your online presence. A range of new branches of study of marketing have developed in past few decades that help you understand how to make the most of your online presence, which has created a dearth of highly skilled internet marketers. If you are looking out for a lucrative business opportunity, then you must consider enrolling at the SEO Training Institute.

But if you are new to this you must be aware of some of the important internet marketing acronyms. The knowledge of the basic internet marketing acronyms will help you gain a foundational understanding of the industry and what to expect. Also, it will make your study of internet marketing courses a lot easier and hassle free.

Here are top three internet marketing acronyms that you will hear often:

1.Search Engine Marketing (SEM): SEM is that branch of internet marketing that focuses on improving the visibility of the website by making it sure that it appears on the search engine result page (SEM). SEM also refers to pay-per-click advertising or paid search, i.e. the advertisements that appear at the side or top of Google SERPs. Depending on the needs of the business you can implement this strategy as seasonal, temporary or long-term strategy. The backbone of the strategy is right time, right message to the right person. Google AdWords is the largest paid search network that provides the advertisers the chance to display their advertisements.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : SEO is the process to improve your online visibility. SEO relies on organic search results as against the paid search to receive high rank of the result page. Organic tools include good website content, backlinks and HTML clues. Research shows that users more likely click on the search results in the very first page. Also, it is a valid perception that the top ranked websites have the most relevant keywords. Therefore, companies have to strive to ensure that they stay top on the Google search engine plans. SEO guarantees better ROI (Return on Investment) than other advertisements.

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO) : It refers to the process of driving traffic to your website using social media. Social media is user-generated communication like social networking websites (Facebook), microblogs (Twitter), blogs, content communities (YouTube) and more. Social media has brought true revolution in the marketing segment as there are over1 billion Facebook users.

Therefore, a great platform to build brand awareness. Two categories of SMO are:

I. Social media features that are added to the content self : social news, RSS feeds, sharing buttons, third-party community images and videos, user rating and polling tools.

II. Social media promotional activities in addition to the content promotion, blogging, blog commenting, status update on various social networking profiles.

After you successfully complete the internet marketing courses, you will be able to draw a comprehensive content marketing plan that makes use of SEM, SEO and SMO. Each strategy has its own set of advantages of but the pivot of all these strategies ultimately rest on unique and quality content that you learn to create at SEO Training Institute.

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How to Utilize LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn, as a network, is largely viewed more as a professional network as opposed to a social network. When one talks about social media optimization, the usual suspects include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, and Linkedin for some reason does not get enough prominence. That being said, LinkedIn is an extremely important tool that can be utilized and leveraged by businesses for their online reputation management and to enhance their credibility.In LinkedIn’s own words, the platform can be used as a ‘Social Selling Business Card’ and a tool to divert more traffic to ones website. The web world being as dominant and dynamic as it is, has taken over the way people do things. People rely greatly on the information that they can find online and even when it comes to getting an idea about a business, everything from their history to the product and services that they provide, to reputation and feedback, the web is the first go-to place.

Keeping that in mind, the LinkedIn page for a business can be a great platform that can supplement the website or even provide a quick read through of what they are about in a nutshell. An interesting and informative profile can encourage visitors to further check out the website and take things forward from there.

LinkedIn, often termed as the social network for professionals provides great benefits when it come to B2B sales and B2B marketing.Here are a few steps that a business can take in order to benefit from their LinkedIn profile:

Create a personalized campaign based on what the niche of your business is. You could start with posting a question that’s interesting and interactive. The idea is to increase visibility and having the answers to the question will give you readymade content that you can post and use as base to develop more interaction.

Try to gather as many leads as possible. To get people interested in your business, you need to offer them something. Things like free demos, consultation etc help to generate leads and if you deliver well on these there is also the potential of garnering recommendations that further add to credibility.

Think Differently. Exploit the potential of promoting other social media communities via your page. By using the rotating banner images feature, integrate your own presence and visibility with that of other popular channels and reap the benefits.

Make your page attractive, engaging, informative and captivating. Visual appeal goes a long way in influencing a visitor and this cannot be undermined. Add images and banners that are clear and crisp.

Linkedin has a lot of potential and when used correctly can really boost the promotion campaign. The idea is to identify, strategize and implement campaigns correctly and consistently in order to get maximum benefit.

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Steps to Improve Your Internet Marketing Skills

Steps to Improve Internet Marketing SkillsOne way to reach out to millions of people at the same time is to rely on Internet marketing. It would not be wrong to say that today people use Internet for almost everything. Internet marketing is quite exciting and there are number of ways to customize it to suit the business needs and the tricks and tips shared can be learnt during your Internet marketing training.

It is best to pick the training course that covers both important nuances like PPC training and SMO training. Comprehensive knowledge will help you learn the steps to improve your Internet Marketing Skills because at the end of the day, it is important to make the experience of viewing advertisements very subtle. These tips will help you improve internet marketing experience:

  1. Affiliate link: Major part of internet marketing success rests on affiliate marketing. If you want people to affiliate themselves then make a visible icon that they can add to their site. Make it sure that the button is appealing and adds to the value of the site. This is a great way to motivate others to link to your website.
  2. Inter-linking: If you are planning to do internal linking, consider only the most relevant keywords. To keep the visitors hooked on your website for a longer duration, it is suggested you provide links to the past updates or related content. This keeps the visitors hooked on your site and adds to your SEO quotient.
  3. Customer reviews: There is no better strategy than displaying customer reviews on the website. Post real customer reviews and testimonials to win the trust of the visitors. This is a great way to add to the sales figure. Also, this strategy helps in strengthening your online presence.
  4. Email marketing: Internet marketing is very important for any business. You can take help from some email marketing service provider. But it is best to learn a little about responders and mass mailers to add to your marketing strategies.
  5. Knowledge Sharing:Give away lucrative offers on your website. One of the ways is to let people watch a special video, download an e-book or attend free webinar. You can also give away freebies like gift vouchers, trial products and services to attract large number of customers.
  6. Effective landing pages:As a best practice, create perfect landing pages. If you sell some products make it sure that your landing page gives out clear information about the products and its advantages. If a visitor has to spend time looking out for product or details, there isa possibility that they might leave the page.

The key to the success of internet marketing is the simplicity. Make sure you have a unique, new and user-friendly website. Also, unique and create content that is updated weekly is important. The other nuances of internet marketing can be learnt if you subscribe to the best of Internet marketing training program.

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How Do Brands Use YouTube For Marketing?

As most webmasters or agencies providing SEO marketing services will be aware, a recent study by Pixability has revealed how the top 100 global brands are using video marketing via Youtube and other channels to drive their online marketing efforts and gain maximum positive results.

Based on the comprehensive finding by Pixability, for which they went through a long drawn and carefully generated process of evaluating a number of brand channels based on definitive criterion, the results have indicated and proven yet again, that there is a certain pattern and process that can be used and followed as a guide in order to achieve success on YouTube.

So what are these guidelines? What are these brands doing that give them better results as opposed to others that are left somewhere in the lurch? The answers, are in the tips below:

Consistent posting is the key: How often have we heard that now? Not often enough for those who are still not doing it. One of the most important best practices for consistent results is consistent posting. On an average most successful brands almost fifty percent more videos and publish approximately 78 videos a month. This figure goes up to almost 500 videos a month for media brands.

Focus fully on YouTube SEO: The successful channels paid a lot of attention to how optimization for YouTube works as well as in trying to understand the actual architecture. As the 2nd ranked search engine, the key to being a YouTube success is being able to be discovered. Maintain a higher number of playlists and video tags in order to be seen.

More is not always better: When targeting SMO activity on YouTube, try and stay away from the overproduction trap. Even if you focus on videos that don’t always go viral but target a specific audience and offer a broad range, you’ll still be on the right track.

Numbers are important for content not channels: Focus more on posting consistently on existing channels as opposed to having too many channels and not posting enough. Identify your audience and get new stuff out there for them on a regular basis.

Brand Intelligently: Put your brand name wherever relevant but also maintain a balance. Do not over promote but at the same time an appropriate level of branding within content is important. Also, use metadata like your title, tags and descriptions to achieve these goals.

Combine social media platforms: Engaging the community by marrying the social media platform is another best practice. Social sharing of videos, rather producing video content that has high is sharable is something to focus on.

Following these guidelines can be the first step towards getting it right when it comes to video marketing via YouTube. It’s the need of the hour and imperative to an overall successful digital marketing campaign.

How Can Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Social Media?

How Can Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Social MediaNo business in today’s scenario can dismiss the power of social media. Social media gives free and instant access to millions of people who can turn into potential customers and thus spell the success or doom of any business entity. You may feel managing social media accounts is a tough task, but with social media training, you can certainly leverage the advantages of social media. Read on to know some of the ways how it can benefit your business:

  1. Build a Community: Social media allows businesses to interact with their existing as well as prospective customers on an informal level. Starting and participating in discussions with customers also helps these organization build a reputation for the brand and ensure that your brand stay at the top of their mind when making choice. Since these platforms also serve as an avenue to provide customer service, the brand’s transparency increases, making it more likely for an organization to build an honest, loyal community.
  2. First hand advertising: By nature, social media involves sharing information. You can gather market information before the launch of a product, create a name and even launch your new products, and all the information will come directly from your brand. This is a great platform and thorough social media training can help you make most all the social media platforms.
  3. (Potentially) Unlimited Reach: Social media has the ability to cross all barriers of age and location. The larger the reach of your marketing campaign, the higher are the chances of a boost in the sales and revenue figures. According to reports, Facebook itself has more than 955 million profiles in June 2012. No other media platform has such a mass appeal.
  4. Ease of market research: Social media helps you in understanding the needs of the markets as you are able to keep a tab on your competitors and frame your policies accordingly. Live customer reviews also help you to take strategic decisions keeping in mind their needs and expectations. This is more important for small businesses as they can learn from big and established businesses and get established without taking the risks.

The power of social media is not just limited to above mentioned points and is much more than you can expect. It is important you understand all the elements involved in a successful social media campaign. If you have limited knowledge of social media, sign up for social media training at the SEO Institute. We’ll help you get a head start on your social media career right away.

Learn SEO and Beat Your Competitors with Your Own Website

Learn SEO and Beat your Competitors

If you’re still consider whether to go for SEO training or not,then you need to ask yourself if your site’s on the first page of results for your niche and industry’s major keywords? And if the answer to this question is NO, then you must ask yourself what you need to do about it, and the answer is pretty simple; enroll yourself for an SEO course. You can conveniently find SEO courses in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and other major cities. They help you learn the techniques to boost traffic to your website.

After the revelation by Google that 95% of all online searchers hardly go past the first page, there are many SEO training institutes that have come up in India. For business owners, it is important to learn SEO to stay ahead of the competition, and here are some of the optimization basics we think you must implement:

  1. Title tags: This is an effective on-site SEO strategy. The title tags rests on the top of the internet browser and tells the visitors and search engine, what to expect on the page. If you don’t have title tags in place, the chances of being ranked are quite low. As a best practice, place major keywords in the title tags. Also, each web page should have a unique title tag that relates to the content.
  2. Meta Data: This information is embedded in your website code and is used by search engines to find the information about pages on your website. This SEO strategy is not as important as it used to be, but still should be added to each page. You should also add a meta-description, i.e. a description of the information that one is supposed to find on the corresponding web pages. As a best practice, don’t forget to add a call to action to your meta-description that contains major keywords.
  3. Content: It is very important to keep your website up-to-date with fresh content. This is one sole thing that brings back the visitors. Get in the habit of updating the website weekly as it attracts more visitors and inadvertently, your website’s ranking. Also, search engines love content. As a best practice, write unique, informative and interactive content. The content must be keyword rich but not stuffed. You can even add images, videos, and infographics to attract visitors and gain ranking.

These are just few of the SEO strategies that can help you beat your competitors with your own website. To learn more effective ways, contact us today to see when you can enroll!

The Best Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

It is not easy to come across content ideas, even the most experienced writers feel a block. One of the best ways is to let someone else be your inspiration. Check out a couple of blogs, have group brainstorming sessions or ask your readers to make some suggestions. Remember, content is the backbone of a website and it is the writers responsibility to get the heart and soul in the content even when they don’t have a clue.Writing is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration. There are millions and millions of ideas floating around inside your head, but how do you funnel that down to something creative and compelling? From time to time, even veteran writers face a “writer’s block” but what helps them get past it?There are a lot of ways that work for different writers at different times, but really, the key is to be consistent with your writing practice.

SEO Copywriting Services

However, it always helps to mix things up a bit. Follow these three simple strategies to create compelling content when you don’t have a clue:

Borrow Others’ Ideas

1. Do some web surfing and amass together at least ten websites that are related to your writing topic. Go through these websites with a critical eye. Then go to your blog and post your opinions about these web sites. Be sure to mention what you like about them and what you think can be improved. Good writers are able to see both sides of the issue or an argument. This activity will help you develop a critical perspective.

2. Talk to your friends, family members, and colleagues about your topic. They may be able to offer you different viewpoints which you might have overlooked. Jot these down in your iPad, or notebook, and revisit them later. You might be able to use one or some of these ideas later, or it might just spark a new idea!

Follow a Formula

1. Write a review about a product, movie, book, website, or anything you feel is compelling enough to get you back on track again. This exercise will force you to consider different aspects about the topic. It will also help you stay focused on the topic itself. For instance, writers often complain that when they begin writing, they start on one particular topic and end up writing about something else. This exercise will help you to remain focused.

2. Fill an idea tree. On a blank piece of paper, draw a circle in the center, and write down your topic. Now draw another circle coming off of the topic and write down the first idea that pops into your head related to the original topic. This exercise will prompt your ideas to spill out onto paper and help you visualize the direction and content of your writing. At the end of this exercise, you will have a page full of circles and ideas!

Take a Break

1. When everything else fails, take a break. Listen to some music, read a book, go out for a walk or just pick up and do something entirely different in a different atmosphere.

2. Alternatively, take a passive break. Watch your favorite movies or sitcoms and don’t let your brain stop working. The characters and personalities you see on television and theater screens can prompt creative ideas about a topic in a different way. Most writers who use this technique experience a “eureka” moment, where a scene sparks a hot new idea.

In case even these ideas fail to inspire you then you must seek help from people who offer professional content writing services. They have a team of talented writers who are capable of making even the boring topics interesting. If you’re outsourcing your work to SEO copywriting services, make sure they are experienced and have knowledge of SEO and keyword research.