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SEO is NOT Dead

This article explores the question of whether search engine optimization is declining at a rate wherein it will die out completely. The number of SEO packages, SEO services and SEO plans available in the market actually suggest otherwise. SEO is growing enough for it to be still a strong player and contributor to the online marketing world. The change might have come in terms of how things are done but at its core, search engine optimization is still very much a part of the process.With the evolution of online marketing strategies and the advent of something new almost on a daily basis, one of the most pressing and relevant questions that is asked often is whether all of this has affected SEO and if so, then how? In other words- is SEO dead? Or is there still hope?For the most part, this question is asked in the context of social media optimization actually being given more importance right now, something that has sidelined SEO completely. Given the number of SEO plans, SEO services and SEO Packages available in the market today, there can only be one answer to this question- No, SEO is not dead at all, rather it growing strong and progressive as time goes now.The one thing that is a fact that looking back at the time when SEO actually started to the current scenario, there has been big enough change in terms of how SEO is performed and how it’s implemented. Other than that, to say that SEO is dead or even nearing death is a bit far-fetched.

The one thing we need to realize is that while social media is becoming a dominant force when it comes to online marketing, that is not happening at the expense of search engine optimization. Both of these have a place of their own and are co-existing to provide marketers the best possible options and opportunities when it comes to creating online marketing plans. SEO is actually growing under the radar and all these claims about how everything is mobile now and content based, need to be re-thought.

In fact it would not be incorrect to say that SEO is actually experiencing a positive growth spell. This is especially true in the light of all the new Penguin and Panda updates that are now in the market. Proper and expert SEO knowledge is become more and more important in order to implement campaigns and maintain consistent high rankings.

Most online campaigns are still keyword driven and keywords cannot be detached from search engine optimization. Both of these are integral parts of each other and together go on to create robust strategies that help drive traffic and business. Keeping that in mind, until keywords exist, the idea that SEO will not is a completely wayward one.

The online help that is available for SEO nowadays goes on to further re-enforce the fact that it is very much a part of the game. New tools are being developed and introduced in the market in order to make SEO easier and no one would bother with these for something that was on its deathbed. In fact going into the future, SEO with all these new tools stands on the threshold of being more popular than ever.

Considering how the online world is developing and progressing each passing day, it is but natural for the relevancy of something as old as SEO to be questioned. But, the writing is very clear on the wall and for now SEO is here to stay. The face of it might change over time but the core competency as well as the functionality will remain the same.

How To Optimize Landing Pages for PPC Ad Campaign?

This article provides tips on how to optimize ones’ landing page in order to create successful PPC campaigns. Professional PPC management or PPC campaign management services can be employed or utilized for this purpose. The best and most effective route to take is to marry the landing and the optimized pages so that they serve as one and are able to provide a robust campaign that facilitates and promotes PPC.

PPC campaigns are the nerve centers of most online marketing efforts. One of the key goals for this purpose is to try and maximize the returns on these campaigns by trying to increase the number of clicks to whatever degree is possible. One of the things to remember in this case and something that any agency dealing in PPC management or PPC campaign management will advise is that for a successful out outcome, the optimization of the landing page is very important.A lot of people treat optimized pages and landing pages as separate entities but in actual fact the best way to make the most out of them is to treat them as one. In other words, optimize all landing pages and treat all optimized pages as landing pages.

The main goal of having an optimized landing page is to be able to have a good conversion rate for both paid as well as organic traffic. Here are some ways that landing pages can be optimized for PPC campaigns-

1. Have a simple page: The landing page should be simple and non-confusing. A great option is to have calls-to-action which are again, simple yet firm at the same time. An image that supports the topic works well as well as some bullets points of what would be covered. In other words, clarity is the key.

2. Title Tag :The title tag should be emphatic and focused: When a searcher gets the results for a search, they are usually spoilt for choice. For this reason and for them to click on your link as opposed to the ten other that they see, the titles should be compelling and interesting. While it should contain keywords, they should be molded and crafted in such a way that they attract attention and result in a click.

3. Content that is visually clear and easily scan-able: Once the user is on your landing page they should not have to work too hard to find what they are looking for. An uncluttered page that offers clear-cut information that can be easily scanned and accessible is the best way to go. Also, the content itself has to be relevant and should not meander excessively and unnecessarily. The ‘what’s in it for me’ should be clear for the user from the word go.

3. Generate inbound links: Just like any other online marketing campaign, here too inbound links play an important role. The quality of the links however matters a lot as the good links help to direct traffic towards the page and also contribute towards the topical relevancy of the page from the point of view of search engines.

4. Social sharing: The advent and successful progression of social media has made it absolutely imperative that all the optimized pages have social sharing buttons via which they can be shared easily. The search algorithms give a lot of importance to social signals on a page and facilitate spreading the word and eventually driving traffic.

Creating fully optimized landing pages is a smart move that pays off in the long run. The best thing to do is to treat them as a unified force, combining SEO and landing pages and use this strategy to achieve maximized gains from PPC campaigns. Contact Techmagnate now to optimize landing pages for PPC campaigns.